8 Ways To Overcome Anxiety Without Medication

We live in a world full of uncertainties and the hustle and bustle of life. There is the job, utilities, family, and healthy living. All these daily stressors of life can convert you into an anxious situation. Anxiety can be acquired from a child who was brought up by an anxious grown-up or probably it originated in your late days of life. Despite when these indications started, your mind is likely in maximum, and you are consistently holding back for the stressors to be removed from you.

Anxiety disorders are very popular mental conditions affecting people of all walks of life regardless of age. Just like any other disease, some people turn to medications for the cure. Even if the antianxiety medications can relieve anxiety, the composer can bring a side effect that will be a bother to the user. Such side effects are insomnia, low libido, jumpiness, and the feeling of hunger most of the time. All these are some bad effects of treating anxiety with medications.

The beautiful thing is that taking pills is not the only remedy to remove your fears and nerve aches. You could treat anxiety without medication by;

Speaking it out

Speaking to a trustworthy person is one of the remedies to manage anxiety. Speaking to someone is good but shouting it out at the top of your voice is better. You were possibly trained as a child not to scream but use your inner voice. But as a grown-up individual, you can make your own decisions and rule. Therefore, if you are coping with stress and depression, speak it out loud.

Shouting or screaming does not mean instilling fear in others for them to go through what you are going through. By shouting means a healthy way to release your feelings in a controlled atmosphere. The more you try to fight it within yourself, the more crushing it can be. Rather, seize anxiety as a section of your life, and then release it.


Although exercise relieves anxiety, it is likely, the last thought that will cross you when your mind is engaged. You may be worried about exercise aftermath of aches and soreness or being non-ambulatory for a few days. You may also fear overexerting which can lead to a heart attack. But sensibly, the workout is one of the best natural remedies of anxiety.

Physical activities increase endorphins and serotonin hormones that assist you in better emotional feeling. Feeling better from the inside translates to a better outlook. This is true since your mind cannot multitask, therefore exercise will distract you. A 30 minutes workout is good for three to five days a week.

Caffeine reduction

Coffee, chocolate, and an ice-cold-coke make you feel good. But if caffeine gets into your bloodstream, such that you cannot function normally without it, your anxiety will not be manageable. Caffeine supplies the nervous system with a jolt, that increases your energy.  If you are under pressure, the nervous energy can cause an anxiety episode. Although quitting caffeine completely could raise your heart rate and cause anxiety, you do not have to stop completely, but use it in moderation. Instead of 4 cups of coffee a day, you could probably reduce it to one.


Don’t deny yourself enough rest due to your busy schedule with deadlines. You require quality sleep to operate normally. It is recommended that you take 8 to 9 hours of sleep per day

Learn to say no

Your plate is already big and enough for yourself. Learn how to say no. Don’t overwhelm yourself with other people’s issues because this will make your anxiety worse. Be aware of your limitations and learn to have your own time and self-love. Do not fear to say no. This does not mean you are not going to help them, but take care of yourself first so that you will be able to help them the next time they require your help.

Don’t skip meals

Meals skipping makes anxiety worse than ever. Your sugar levels go down when you skip meals. This leads to the release of cortisol which is a stress hormone. Even if cortisol helps you work hard under pressure, it makes you feel bad if you are susceptible to anxiety. Even if you need to eat to avoid anxiety, it is not a justification to put everything that comes your way into your mouth like junk and sugary food. Take a lot of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and unsaturated fats. Eat everything in moderation throughout the day other than one whole full plate. Limit your sugar intake and carbs.

Develop an exit strategy

Don’t allow yourself to feel out of control. Know the triggers of your anxiety and control them. Engage yourself with social events like hanging out with friends. Be social and stop holding up everything to yourself. The more you are in control of your feelings, the more you will be able to cope with your anxiety.

Live one day at a time

Don’t worry about tomorrow rather than worrying about today. Instead, take one day at a time. Do not stress yourself on what happened yesterday, but instead, focus on today alone. Do not bring anxiety to yourself trying to think what will be and remembering what it was. Reflection and mindfulness, are associated with living one day at a time and have been shown to relieve anxiety. Begin by a few minutes daily and increase the time after. Reflection and mindfulness can be done anywhere, ranging from the bed, class, at the office, and when commuting to work.

To sum it up, anxiety is a giant, but it is manageable without drugs. At times, controlling your worry and nervousness is just a matter of adjusting your efforts, thinking, and lifestyle. Try to begin with a natural remedy and seek medical advice if symptoms are worse or persist. The drug-free, anti-anxiety remedies can in the wrong run assist you to aggregate your drug regimen. Do what treats you naturally and remember anxiety should not take over your life.

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