City of Cape Town ranked as the 11th best city in the world

The fifth annual ranking of the best cities in the world, as voted on by the locals, has been published by the international magazine TimeOut. Edinburgh, Scotland, wins the top spot, while Cape Town, Africa’s second-highest metropolis, comes in at number 11, just missing the worldwide top 10.

More than 2,000 city dwellers from all over the world were surveyed for the TimeOut Index 2022 about their favorite restaurants, pubs, galleries, theaters, nightlife, and hippest neighborhoods.

The objective, the journal claims, is to “create a global snapshot of city living, and point people in the direction of the places locals are really raving about”. The findings are used to compile a list of the top cities for the year, which this year includes 53 cities.

The index has been primarily focusing on which cities were making life the most livable for citizens in the face of lockdowns and travel restrictions for the past two years, during the height of the Covid-19 outbreak. This year, with travel once again becoming more accessible, more emphasis was placed on qualities that make towns desirable to both residents and tourists.

The most desirable cities for 2022 are those “with a thriving nightlife, amazing food and drink, and art, culture, and museums galore”. The top choices also receive excellent marks for practical considerations like safety, public transportation, and walkability. Credentials related to sustainability were also taken into account.

Cape Town, which narrowly missed the top 10, is commended as a city with great food, culture, mountains, and nightlife where you “can do it all.” Due to the abundance of beaches and hiking paths, it is praised as being especially ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. It also ranks as the second-highest ranking city in the world for beauty, with 93 percent of locals identifying it as such (number one overall, Edinburgh, also scored the highest for beauty with 95 percent ).

Cape Town also received the highest percentage of votes (87%) for being an easy place to unwind, and 93%) for having a wide range of things to do.

Below are the top three cities along with what makes each one unique.

1.Edinburg, Scotland

According to TimeOut, the Scottish capital is one of the most attractive towns to explore on foot thanks to its landmarks, architecture, and scenic places. It is also noted for having an “ever-evolving range of forward-thinking pubs and cafes” in its food and beverage scene. Additionally, 88 percent of locals said it was simple to “express who you are” in the city, which is known for being progressive and friendly to all kinds of individuals.


The bustling food scene in the American Midwest metropolis stands out (locals gave it a high rating of 96 percent, the second highest in the world), and 95 percent of them said the same of the city’s art and culture sector. Additionally, this year, it received the title of the world’s most enjoyable city.


Due to its consistently nice weather, Colombia’s second-largest city is also known as the City of Eternal Spring. It also stands out in the index for being the world’s greatest city for dining and drinking (97 percent of locals approve of the culinary scene) and its nightlife. It is also the only city in the nation with a metro system (90 percent ). With 94 percent, it also has the highest level of community spirit.

TimeOut was founded in 1968 as a journal that featured reviews of London’s top museums, galleries, theaters, restaurants, and other cultural attractions. The last print version of the publication, which now covers more than 300 cities across 59 nations, was distributed last month. The publication is now only available online.

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