Consumers can access medical cannabis products via a health IT platform from the comfort of their own homes.

RecoMed, a platform for scheduling medical appointments, has partnered with Cannabis Clinics, a legitimate medical cannabis health-tech company, as well as medical professionals who have received training in and support for prescribing medicinal cannabis products. Cannabis Clinics was established to assist South African patients seeking access to legal, local, and imported pharma-grade medicinal cannabis through either online or in-person consultations.

In order to list doctors who are willing to see patients via an encrypted video conversation, the parties have joined to establish an online booking and virtual consult platform. When making a reservation, the patient can pay in full with a credit card or another common payment option.

The Health ailments include cancer symptoms, chronic pain management, epilepsy, palliative care, and mental health issues like insomnia and anxiety are managed with the help of medicinal cannabis products, which range from oil, sprays, and pills to vapes and dried flowers.

The partners said, “Described as South Africa’s ‘ of health care’, RecoMed partnered with Cannabis Clinics to power this unique, first-ever booking platform where patients can access the services of a select group of doctors comprehensively trained in the uses of medicinal cannabis products and the current medicinal cannabis regulatory environment.”

Craig Ludwig, chief strategy officer at Cannabis Clinics, said was pleased to partner with RecoMed to optimize this direct patient-to-doctor consultation service in South Africa via their platforms, “It’s a significant step forward in helping to create access to medicinal cannabis products for patients who have previously been excluded from opting to include legal, high-quality medicinal cannabis in their health-care and treatment regime,” Ludwig said.

RecoMed chief executive Sheraan Amod said the main objective is to increase access to high-quality medical treatment “We are pleased to join forces with Cannabis Clinics to expand the health-care choices of South Africans and optimize their access to treatments that can help them better manage their health conditions. With the new 24/7 Cannabis Clinics booking platform, they will be able to easily find qualified medicinal cannabis practitioners, make bookings for tele-health or physical consultations, get reminders of their appointments, make secure online payments and arrange to either fill their prescription at any leading pharmacy or have their meds delivered directly to their home or office by Clicks Direct Medicines,” Amod said

2018 saw the effective decriminalization of adult private use under state regulation by the Constitutional Court. The Cannabis for Private Purposes Bill, which is currently before the National Assembly, is a result of this ruling. Cannabis’ financial advantages have long been researched. The enormous economic potential that this predominantly illegal market for cannabis could have for African nations is mentioned in a New Frontier Data research on the continent’s cannabis market. Despite the fact that South Africa is not the largest cannabis market, the $1.2 billion (R18 billion) in expected value for the domestic market is substantial in and of itself and might increase if the state’s regulatory framework is consistent.

The president addressed the nation in 2022 at the State of the Nation Address (SONA) according to President, the domestic cannabis market has the potential to boost export earnings and create 130,000 new employment. The government published a plan for hemp and marijuana growing last year, with uses ranging from food and medicine to recreational use.

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