CSIR to hold an annual career day for disadvantaged learners

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) will hold its annual Career Day Wednesday (3 August 2022)  to introduce students from the township and rural schools to a variety of options in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The organization will continue to support young people interested in careers in science and technology through the event, which will take place on Wednesday in Pretoria.

The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) is a leading institution for scientific and technological research that conducts research, develops technologies, localizes them, and disseminates them to accelerate socio-economic development in South Africa. Work done by the organization supports a capable state and industry development.

The CSIR was created by an Act of Parliament in 1945, and the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Technology is in charge of running the organization. Through directed research that is in line with the organization’s purpose, its expertise in science, engineering, and technology, and the interests of the nation, the organization plays a critical role in helping both the public and private sectors.

The Department of Science and Innovation’s National Science Week (NSW), which strives to broaden public understanding of science throughout the nation, includes Career Day, which will be attended by hundreds of students and educators.” Celebrating the role of basic sciences in the modern world” is the subject of NSW this year.

The goal of the CSIR Career Day is to inspire students in underprivileged schools in grades nine through eleven who are majoring in mathematics and science to pursue careers in STEM fields. According to the organization, CSIR researchers will use the platform on the designated day to display a variety of technologies and science-based activities, including science experiments, exhibitions, lectures, and inspirational talks.

Learners will also have the chance to interact with researchers and scientists about various career prospects, tour exhibitions that focus on science and technology and watch demonstrations of various projects from various clusters within the organization on CSIR Career Day.

According to the 2021 ICT Skills Survey, there are still large shortages in digital skills, and South African organizations are having difficulty filling tens of thousands of open positions. The survey lists the most sought-after positions as software developer, computer network technician, developer programmer, and ICT communications assistant.

Nearly 60% of employers who responded to the study said that the pandemic had not harmed the availability of skills, and respondents’ perceptions of the effects of work-from-home policies were mostly positive.

Employees have become accustomed to working from home, and many businesses report an increase in productivity, stating that this model will probably persist over time. It also revealed that there is still a severe lack of all ICT skills necessary for local businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

The organization urged students to consider jobs in STEM fields because the CSIR has many opportunities for employment in these fields. The purpose of the bursaries, internships, and graduate training programs is to help bright young minds reach their full potential by fostering and expanding their knowledge in diverse STEM disciplines. University and grade 12 students should keep an eye out for CSIR bursary chances.

South African students are aided by the CSIR bursary program. English (Level 5), Mathematics (Level 6), and Physical Scientific have required for Grade 12 students who want to enroll full-time in science, engineering, and technology programs (Level 6). Also eligible are full-time university students pursuing degrees in science and technology who have passed all of their prerequisite courses.

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