How much is prime video in South Africa

Amazon offers a streaming video service called Prime Video. An Amazon Prime subscription comes with Prime Video perks. On your preferred devices, you can access hundreds of TV shows and movies with your membership. Visit Amazon prime video website to get started, or Download the Prime Video app for your smartphone.Log in with your Amazon Prime or Prime Video account after downloading the app to watch. Select a title to view it after browsing the available content. You may also download a title on iOS and Android devices by pressing the download icon on the video description page. On a web browser, Prime Video lets you stream movies and TV episodes. A streaming video-capable device, a broadband internet connection, and an appropriate web browser are required. There is compatibility with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.


How Much is Prime Video in South Africa?

With 9,572 titles available for R79 a month, or less than one cent per title, Amazon Prime Video is the most affordable option when looking at the overall cost per title. In South Africa, Prime Video is known for flooding its site with thousands of Bollywood films, while other services provide a wider range of content. We divided the comparison based on the number of movies and television shows that were involved.

With a catalog of 5,940 titles and a regular subscription costing R159 per month, Netflix is just behind Amazon in terms of price per title at R0.03. Netflix is closely followed by MultiChoice’s Showmax streaming service, which offers 2,165 titles for R99 per month, or R0.05 per title.

Recently, Amazon Prime Video started charging R79 per month for its streaming service in South Africa, where pricing is now based on the rand. Depending on the exchange rate and currency conversion expenses, this essentially reduced its price from R80 to R120 each month.“This change happens automatically this month… and there’s nothing you need to do,” Amazon said.

Among the top South African subscription video streaming services, Prime Video has the most titles available compared to Netflix and Showmax. Whereas Netflix boasts a sizable library of original foreign-language shows and movies from nations like Japan, Mexico, France, and South Korea, Showmax has a sizable variety of South African and local-language content, and Prime Video has a sizable library of Bollywood movies. It’s a good time to look into what customers get for R79 per month now that Amazon has virtually reduced the cost of Prime Video in South Africa.

Amazon Prime Video and Vodacom deal

No matter what price plan, whether prepaid or post-paid, a client is now entitled to subscribe to Prime Video or Prime Video Mobile Edition, according to the operator. The first telecom carrier in Africa to offer Prime Video Mobile Edition is Vodacom.

The Prime Video app, which allows users to stream and download material in standard definition, gives users access to the entire library of Prime Video’s movies and TV shows as well as Amazon Originals on a single mobile device. Customers of Vodacom who subscribe to Prime Video Mobile. Edition at launch can benefit from a 30-day free trial and 10GB of video bandwidth that is good for 30 days.

After that, the service will cost ZAR59 per month with 3GB of monthly video data included. Alternately, Vodacom consumers can join up for the complete Prime Video experience and receive three months free from Vodacom, and after the trial period, pay ZAR79 per month. Customers will be able to watch the newest Amazon Originals on Prime Video, including The Terminal List, The Boys S3, and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

“Research has shown that OTT streaming in the sub-Saharan Africa region continues to grow rapidly, with around 30% more subscribers between 2020 and 2021. With that said, we strive to forge partnerships with the best streaming services to ensure customers enjoy a variety of subscription packages,” said Jorge Mendes, chief officer of consumer business at Vodacom South Africa.

“As we continue transitioning to a Pan-African technology company, with the ambition of offering much more than telco products, this partnership fits perfectly with our overall goal of enabling our consumers to access video streaming content. Ensuring our entire customer base including prepaid gain access to such services, without worrying about data is in line with our purpose of ensuring we leave no one behind.”

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