Nomcebo Zikode Biography

South African artist Nomcebo Zikode was born in 1985. She is from Hammarsdale in KwaZulu-Natal Province. She is well-known for the song “Jerusalema,” which she co-wrote with Master KG, a well-known male South African musician. She gained international recognition for the song that topped the African charts and views it as a stepping stone to greater success. Nomcebo, who turn 38 years old this year, regarded the partnership with Master KG as a place to start. After she won a Tshepo Nzimande-hosted talent competition on Ukhozi FM in 2003, she gained recognition in the entertainment business. She attended Ukusa High School in Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal, for her basic education. She attended Havatech College and graduated in 2006 while residing in Johannesburg, South Africa. She was not given a career with the study.  She was made fun of when she was younger for wanting to pursue a career as a singer.

Nomcebo Zikode music career

She began pursuing a singing career as soon as she moved away from home. She then spent more than fifteen (15) years primarily working as a backup singer. Nomcebo has collaborated with a number of local musicians, such as Zahara, Lundi Tyamara, and Deborah Fraser, to name a few. She was later signed by Ganyani Entertainment, and she contributed vocals to the songs “NTO,” “Jabulile,” and “Emazulwini.”Since the songs weren’t hers, she had to ask the label for permission before performing them. She began her solo career after being accepted as an artist by Open Mic Records. After then, Nomcebo released the Afro-house hit “Imizamo Yami,” which helped her become well-known. She collaborated with Bongo Beat on the song, which was an immediate hit. She has collaborated with artists including Professor, Master ChengFu, DJ Mshega, DJ Ganyani, Mobi Dixon, Bongo Beats, and Eyadini Lounge.

She rose to prominence on the global music scene in 2020 with to her vocal contributions to Master KG’s smash tune “Jerusalem.”She connected with music producer Master KG after she quit the record label, Ganyani Entertainment. She released Xola Moya Wam, her debut studio album, in August of the same year (2020). On several of the songs, Nomcebo worked with local musicians Makhadzi and Master KG, among others.

Master KG and Nomcebo Jerusalema Saga

After Jerusalema achieved enormous success and continued to set records and win awards, Nomcebo claimed in 2020 that Open Mic (their record label) had failed to compensate her for the popular song.Theres no doubt that Master KG and Zikode create magic when they are together, but it appears that “Jerusalem” is the last time the stars will work together. Despite the fact that the pair produced the biggest hit of 2020, “Jerusalema,” Zikode previously admitted that she had not been paid for the song. Soon after she made her claims, Master KG responded on social media, saying that there is disagreement over the amount that each of them should be paid. Jerusalema and I have a 50/50 agreement, but Jerusalema wants 70% and I have to give her 30%. Nomcebo claims she does not comprehend Master KG’s response to her inquiry concerning her payments.

The musician claimed on Facebook that Master KG had no business replying because he was only a coworker and not the company’s owner or supervisor. Nomcebo was replying to a Facebook user who urged the two musicians to patch things up. “Music S and Master KG. Whatever disputes you may have, you should be grateful that your followers brought you back. Continue to shine. I hope you guys will collaborate once more and give us more hot songs, “Piet Khune Van Sathekge, a user on Facebook, said.

Nomcebo in her social media responce to Master KG began by making it clear that she has no issues with Master KG other than the fact that she finds it puzzling why he chose to respond to a topic she brought up with the record company.”I don’t have any problem with him, and I’ve never ever said anything to him besides sending out the statement which was clear that I need my money from the company not from him, as I’ve been trying to talk to the company many times with no luck, and they’ve been saying the song didn’t make any money so there’s no money. I then decided to get a lawyer to help me, so I don’t know till today why he decided to respond before the company responds… as he was not my boss/ owner of the company but my colleague.”

Master KG and Nomcebo have collaborated on other songs besides Jerusalema. Along with Njabulo, Bayabuza, and other songs, the two musicians also collaborated on the hit song Xola Moya Wam. The producer, who is 27 years old, says he would dearly love to continue working with the singer. “I would definitely like to make more music with Nomcebo in the future. She has her own unique style and her own way of making things happen. I believe the success of the song was not from one side. It was me and her getting together and making it happen.”

Master KG acknowledges that they haven’t spoken in a while, despite the possibility that this might be the truth, but they continue to like each other’s social media posts. “We haven’t spoken in a long time, I see her posts and I like them. I also understand that she is busy, and we are always touring. Maybe soon, when the matter is resolved we will get together and celebrate the success of the song,” he said.

Zikode Debut album success

Nomcebo Zikode released her debut album in 2020, “Xola Moya Wam,” following her outstanding performance on Master KG’s Jerusalema. Six songs and three radio edits total nine songs on the project. Her main focus areas were Amapiano and Afro House. The album’s title track, which reunites her with Master KG, went gold in a couple of weeks and was amongst popular songs in the nation in 2021, coming in second only to Jerusalema in terms of radio play. “People are loving the album and sharing it on social media. The official audio for Xola Moya Wami was released on YouTube on 20 August and is already sitting with over 2.5 million views,” Zikode says.

The joyful dance song Xola Moya Wami, which translates to “be at peace or rest, my spirit,” is well-known. The words depict someone who has endured hardship yet still harbors the desire to do good. Zikode’s music is beloved by South Africans and the rest of the globe because it combines house sounds with gospel-inspired vocals. “I’m Portuguese,” writes one of the song’s many YouTube commentators, “I don’t understand [a] word she is saying but since I heard her in Jerusalema I fell in love with her voice and her music … It has the power I can’t explain … listening to her is a blessing … Her voice is magical.”

“I chose the first single release to be ‘Xola Moya Wami’ because when I was writing this song, I wrote it after a week into lockdown,” says Nomcebo in an interview with IOL. “I was in a state of shock and fear and thought God was punishing me because of my own sins. In the song I am asking God to forgive the sins I do in the flesh. My spirit longs to do what He wills.”

With bolobedu house music playing in the background, the singer sings about love, hope, and praising God. Some of the tracks on the album were created by her hit-making partner Master KG, including the lead single, in which the producer offers his interpretation of the well-known amapiano subgenre. While Makhadzi performs on the song “Ngiyesaba,” Bongo Beats also provides some beats. Nomcebo has established herself as a mainstay of the South African house music industry, lending her vocal talents to some of the most well-known producers there, including DJ Tira & DJ Ganyani, Mobi Dixon, and Bongo Beats.

Zikode endorsement

For the worldwide successful song Jerusalema, singer Nomcebo Zikode received an international certificate, but the song’s producer Master KG (actual name Kgaogelo Moagi) is being sued for suspected copyright violations. Zikode, who composed the song’s lyrics, expressed her gratitude to Tunisia on social media. Following a cover of the song around the nation, she was given the honor.

“Thank you, Tunisia, for awarding me with this honorary certificate,” she wrote. According to the singer’s post, Tunisia joins countries including Togo, Benin, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Switzerland, and South Africa, which have already awarded and honoured her for Jerusalema.  Nominee Zikode The singer significantly contributed to the creation of Master KG’s international smash hit Jerusalema. Nomcebo had been signed to an exclusive publishing deal, according to Sony/ATV. This agreement covers all of Nomcebo’s songs, including the recently released smash single Xola Moya Wam. The Sony International team is excited to work with one of the top musicians right now and sign a deal. Guy Henderson, President International of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, thinks that the singer has much more to offer and will do great things under Sony. Not many African musicians have accomplished this achievement, with the highest getting over 200 million views on YouTube in less than a year.

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