Samthing Soweto comes out after suffering from Depression

Without a doubt, depression is one of the biggest causes of death in our society today. Samething Soweto, whose real name is Samkelo Mdolomba, took to social media after revealing that he is depressed. On his personal social media account, he wrote “I’m sorry for the silences. I thought I was wack but today I only discovered how dope I am. #depression”.

His tweet drew a lot of attention from his followers, who reminded him of who he was and what he had done for music.“who? the best vocalist in south Africa? the master of many voices?the guy that wrote most of the soil’s biggest songs? the guy that stepped back from the group to honor his values? then got a solo platinum album later?” said Frwontou. The artist’s message impacted not only his fans but also his contemporaries in the music industry, with gospel musician Dumi Mkokstard showing his support for his fellow colleague on social media and tweeting “Stay strong my brother …. There’s only one you, Don’t stop using your gift, As long as God has not rung the bell,Uma ENGAKASHO uNkulunkulu let NO ONE make you stop. You are gifted mfana”.

In February 2022, Ricky Rick, one of South Africa’s most popular rappers, left his legion of fans crying after he took his own life at the age of 34 due to depression and anxiety, leaving the music community completely surprised and in disbelief. Following the lockdown, the South African Despair and Anxiety Group (Sadag) has reported a significant increase in depression and anxiety, which could lead to suicidal ideation. According to a 2011 survey, a quarter of grade 8-11 students in South Africa have experienced signs of depression, with one in every six thinking about or planning suicide.

According to another study, one out of every four university students in South Africa is depressed. Suicide is the second greatest cause of mortality among those aged 15 to 29 years old, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).In recent months, a photo of the singer has been circulating on social media in which the star has lost weight, causing fans to be concerned about his health. However, the artist responded and said “Thank you for your concern and support, but at the same time, you guys are not right either I am not dying”.

In a lengthy video released on social media, the musician said that he was “going through a lot.” Mdolomba also stated in the video that what he was experiencing was “something that most of us go through.”He filmed the video in reaction to criticism and concerns over his weight loss from fans, followers, and critics. Mdolomba noted that despite “going through a lot,” the modifications he made to his lifestyle led to his thinner appearance.

Other celebrities, such as Lasizwe Dambuza, K.Naomi, and Makhadzi, have come up in recent months to tell the public that they are suffering from depression and anxiety.

Samkelo is an Award-winning musician whose debut album, Isphithiphithi, was certified Platinum. In less than a month, he sold over 20,000 copies of his popular single Akulaleki and over 40 000 album sales in less than two months.

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Source of Info:TimesLive


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