World Bicycle Day 2022

It’s been half a decade since the inception of a very special day for the cyclist, The United Nations has declared 3 June as International World Bicycle Day, the day is aimed at making people more active through simple activities ,including cycle.

UN is an international organisation founded in 1945,currently made up of 193 Member States which also Includes South Africa amongst other countries in the African Continents ,The UN  as an Intergovernmental organisation whose purpose is to maintain international peace, security developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress.

With fuel price shooting sky high and many citizens not happy about the public transport one of the option is to cycle your way to work. Cycling to work can yields good result such as being cost effective to work, boost your heart health and muscle strength, lower your risk of diabetes and cancer, improve your mental health, help protect the environment, decreasing of body fats level, strengthens of bones, Improve joint mobility and prevention or management of disease.

0ne of the Cycling associations Pedal Power Association who were hosting the event of to commemorate this precious day they held safe cycling awareness ride to share versality and longevity of bicycle and reliable mode of transportation. “There has to be mutual respect on the road towards each other and both motorists and cyclist have to adhere to all rules of the road at all times “’, explained Neil Robison,CEO of the Pedal Power Association part of their mission is to raise awareness of cycling as a key and sustainable mode of transport and to make it safe for everyone .

Robinson further added “Cycling is one of the most affordable means of transport and great for exercising .It’s becoming more and more popular as means of transport due to ever increasing fuel price in this country, this campaign aims to remind drivers and cyclist to take preventatives steps to avoid crashes on our roads”

10 Ways to Stay Safe While Cycling

  • Wear a Helmet. Not all states require bicyclists to wear a helmet
  • Check Your Equipment Before You Ride
  • Wear Reflective Materials
  • Keep Your Hands on the Bike
  • Know Your Signals and Use Them
  • Limit Your Distractions
  • Ride As If You’re In a Car
  • Ride With the Flow of Traffic

Cycling maybe fun and healthy but we do not need to hide that its doesn’t come cheap and the crime rate of this country is at its pick

“Cycling is a wonderful hobby that can cost the serious cyclist hundreds of thousands of rands. Even entry-level bicycles and associated gear can quickly escalate,” says Tarina Vlok, MD of Elite Risk, a specialist high net worth insurer and subsidiary of Old Mutual Insure.

“If you are riding a bike that is worth so much and park it in an area like the street or the back of your bakkie, the sad likelihood is that it may not be there when you get back. We see this time and time again,” says Vlok. In March this year the Mauritian National Team – who were in South Africa to participate in the Cape Town Cycle Tour– were victims of bicycle thieves, who stole 12 bikes worth over R1 million from the guest farm where they were staying. The team were to compete in the All African Championships in Egypt directly after the Cape Town event.

Top tips for you’re insuring your valuable bike

Bicycles are generally well made and able to withstand the rigors of cycling however bicycles need regular maintenance and failure to do so is often costly. It’s important to understand that bicycle insurance does not cover maintenance related expenses or damages incurred as a result of lack of maintenance.

Ensure that your bicycle is insured for its replacement value and not for what you paid for it.

Ensure that the correct models with all its accessories are included in your inventory.

Don’t forget to insure you’re cycling gear and helmet, as these often get damaged in an accident.

Do not ever leave your bicycle unattended. If you have to, ensure that it is secured to a building or your vehicle with the correct locking and securing devices.

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