Things to do in Rusternburg

Kedar Heritage Lodge

Kedar Lodge provides guests and conference attendees with the ideal respite from the fast-paced modern lifestyle. A section of the historic farm Boekenhoutfontein, which belonged to former president Paul Kruger, is where Kedar is located. Kedar’s surroundings are home to a variety of game, including eland, blesbok, impala, bushbuck, nyala, kudu, zebra, blue wildebeest, giraffe, and sable, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts with space for up to 100 guests, Kedar is also the perfect location for gatherings, weddings, and conferences. There are 66 stone and thatched rooms and suites with an African motif that are available for lodging. All of the furnishings are brightly colored, hand-painted ethnic print textiles, and the artwork reflects Africa’s treasures.

Apex Indoor Trampoline

A genuinely unique experience where you may literally bounce is offered by Apex Indoor Trampoline in Rustenburg. This location is perfect for hosting memorable children’s parties, as well as adult party, school, and business events. Fitness trampoline classes are open to everyone, including exercise fanatics. You can put on a fantastic race for your family or group of friends with a little advanced preparation, zeal, and ingenuity. Give the contestants hints on where to look for various items that have been hidden in a location (garden, nature reserve, etc.). The degree of difficulty can be changed to suit the participants. The reward at the end ought to justify the effort. Another fantastic family activity is Geo-caching. It operates on the same principles as the Amazing Race, except to find the Geo-caches that other geocachers have hidden at certain locations, you’ll need a GPS or smartphone app. This is a fun way to travel to locations you might not have otherwise visited.


Sabai Jai Day Spa

Sabai Jai Day Spa offers you the best services in a lovely setting, all while promoting your well-being and helping you lead a healthy lifestyle. They have some of the top hand-selected therapists because of both their special skills and their sincere willingness to look after our customers. With a genuine focus on providing excellent customer service, the team at Sabai Jai Day Spa will make your spa visit feel like the ultimate escape, making you feel completely private and at home. Traditional cultures serve as the inspiration for Their Travels. To make sure that every experience is a standout, staff members must possess special talents, be genuinely passionate about serving guests, and have a thorough awareness of each person’s needs.

Kgaswane Mountain Reserve

A  location of exceptional beauty, a getaway into a mountain range of tremendous natural appeal, and an excellent choice for a day trip for tourists or out of town guests. The self-drive path, which connects a number of picnic areas and vistas, is open to day visitors. About 800 antelope, including klipspringer, grey duiker, bushbuck, kudu, oribi, mountain reedbuck, impala, red hartebeest, zebra, springbok, steenbok, sable antelope, and waterbuck, can be seen in the reserve. The breeding herd of sable antelope, which is especially adapted to the environment, makes the reserve noteworthy. Predators like caracal, aardwolf, black-backed jackal and leopard are also present in small numbers. The reserve is well-known as a hiking destination and can accommodate a wide range of interests. The public has access to two trails. Because of the high demand for these overnight trails, advanced reservations are required.

Sun City Resort

Sun City Resort has the uniqueness of being the only surf-and-safari resort within a two-hour drive of landlocked Johannesburg. It is home to the Valley of Waves and is spread out along the boundary of the Pilanesberg National Park. Sun City Resort has everything you need for a romantic break with your significant other, a fun weekend away with friends, or a family vacation in the North West. This opulent five-star hotel in Sun City has incorporated the surrounding natural beauty into its design while drawing inspiration for its architecture and interior themes from the myth of a long-lost African tribe. This luxury hotel perfectly encapsulates The Palace. Think of intricately woven fabrics, fake elephant tusks, bronze and crystal sculptures, and waterfalls in the forest. The Palace of the Lost City invites you to lose yourself in the adventure of your travels. When you stay at The Palace, you’ll be right next to the malaria-free Pilanesberg National Park, where you may see a wide variety of species.

Akwaaba Lodge & Predator Park

For tourists and overnight guests, Akwaaba Predator Park offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with and see all of our incredible wildlife. having one of the most diverse populations of big cats and exotic species in the entire southern hemisphere. Being the home to Lions, Tigers, Black Jaguars, Hyenas, and the only Strawberry Leopard in the world, Akwaaba strives to create a nurturing and loving environment for both animals and day visitors. Its mission is to take in mistreated, abandoned, and endangered animals and provide them with a better future and a cozy home. Its own visitors get a special and educational tour led by our amiable, knowledgeable tour guides and have the chance to interact and spend time with our young cubs, Cheetahs, Lions, Ring-tailed lemurs, and a striped hyena.

Rustenburg SkyDiving Club

The Parachute Association of South Africa (PASA) has granted the Rustenburg Skydiving Club permission to perform at high-profile events both domestically and abroad. They are most renowned for their high-profile public parachuting demonstrations. Over the years, Graham has acted as a representative for a large number of prestigious international companies, represented South Africa abroad in competitions and displays, and participated in a large number of world records, firsts, stunts, and motion pictures involving skydiving, parachuting, and aerial activities. Rustenburg An Atlas Angel (turbine) aircraft is used by the SkyDiving Club to ascend to a height of 12,000 feet in the vast open space of the sky on weekends and most Fridays. Sports: Tandem jumpers and first-time skydivers All professions are most welcome at SkyDive as skydivers and skydiving teams.


Mphebatho Cultural Museum

You have the opportunity to learn about the distinctive history and culture of the Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela people who live in the North West province’s Pilanesberg mountains by visiting the Mphebatho Cultural Museum. This colorful community center offers a different perspective on Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela’s heritage, culture, and tradition. The museum is a neighborhood-based institution situated in Moruleng hamlet, just 20 minutes by car from the renowned Sun-city and nearby Mogwase town and Pilanesberg National Park. In comparison to nearby tourism organizations, the museum offers a variety of unique and different products. The knowledgeable tour guides and the always welcoming staff are guaranteed to give you an interesting but enjoyable tour because they are loaded with a wealth of fascinating knowledge.

Paul Kruger Country House Museum

The museum consists of a variety of distinctive historical structures and provides an interesting look into Kruger’s life during the period when South Africa was engaged in a conflict with the British Empire over sovereignty. A must-see when visiting is a monument commemorating the fighting heroes of the Anglo-Boer War made by renowned South African sculptor Adam Madebe. It pays homage to our rich past. Although it might not be the gun that Kruger used to kill a lion at the youthful age of 14, it is still on display! His various bibles, the bellows organ his wife played, and the other presents were given to him by visiting state dignitaries are also on display. Family tombs, the koppie where he sought spiritual direction, and the saddle in the hills where he concealed his horses from British troops are all close by. We strongly encourage you to spend some time exploring and learning more about the significance of this historical site for our nation because we are incredibly proud of it.

Royal Bafokeng Stadium

The Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace, a royal relic in contemporary South Africa, was built by the Bafokeng tribe and opened in 1999 in the charming town of Rustenburg. Six 2010 World Cup matches were held at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace. It was a race against time and other obstacles to renovate the second-smallest stadium in the competition and create a venue suitable for one of the most-watched sporting events in history. The Dikwena Football Club plays its home games at this stadium, which also holds other football, rugby, and athletics events. Besides the pitch, it has a swimming pool that is Olympic size, a running track, tennis courts, netball courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, and a fitness center. All of the spectators may view what is happening on the field without obstruction because of the screen’s remarkable 40 square meter size. Up to 320 VIPs can stay in one of the luxury suites.


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