Anthony Joshua Loses Titles In Shock Defeat

The boxing world was shocked today when undefeated world champion Anthony Joshua was defeated by Andy Ruiz. In the unexpected outcome, came in the 7th round, when the 29 year old won the fight by TKO after the 4th knockdown of Joshua.

This makes Ruiz the first ever Mexican world heavyweight champion. The new champion spoke of how he knew he would defeat the champion and praised his team. In the post-fight interview he spoke of how he still couldn’t believe it was true and still has to pinch himself to make sure it’s real.

Anthony Joshua held three of the four major boxing championship belts from 2016 to 2019.

The result has drawn varied responses from other boxers. Tyson Fury has kind words for the dethroned champion, saying that losing is part of the sport and encourage him to regroup and make his way back.


Fellow heavyweight Deontay Wilder’s words were not as kind, as he called Anthony out and questioned the legitimacy of his reign has heavyweight champion.


Joshua was humble in defeat, taking nothing away from Ruiz’s victor. When asked by an interview after the fight, he said that it was part of the sport and the loss would be a step in the journey of building a legacy. He gave due respect to Ruiz as the first Mexican world champion and said that he would review his taps and definitely be back for the title.

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