The top 10 Restaurants on Dineplan for 2022

Over 3.5 million restaurant reservations were made through Dineplan in South Africa in 2022 are thrilled to announce the top 10 restaurants on Dineplan for 2022 after gaining access to a variety of data about restaurant-goers’ eating preferences. Continue reading to learn which restaurants were the most well-liked, whether you’re looking for ideas for your upcoming night out or just want to discover where other diners like to eat.

Two former classmates decided to launch a business together after meeting at a bar. This is how Dineplan was created. Building a restaurant reservation network for South African eateries, Martin Rose and Greg Whitfield founded the business in Cape Town back in 2011Dineplan was first utilized by elite fine dining businesses, but it was swiftly embraced by eateries of all shapes and sizes, including family-friendly chains, coffee shops, and wine sampling locations, as well as the nation’s best award-winning restaurants.

Dineplan is the ideal way to manage your reservations and improve your guest experience because it offers online bookings and deposits and can be tailored to suit any venue type. Today, Dineplan offers a mobile app and website that more than 500,000 South African diners use to effortlessly book tables at restaurants and leave online restaurant reviews. Dineplan serves more than 2,000 restaurants in South Africa and throughout the world.

The Dineplan App 

The business introduced its guest-facing Dineplan App in 2018, allowing app users to make immediate reservations at thousands of restaurants in South Africa from their smartphones. The free software, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store, enables users to search by availability, reserve a seat at their preferred restaurant, or find something new. The app makes it simple to browse reviews, get the newest offers at hundreds of restaurants in your location, and discover new restaurants and experiences.

1.TANG Nelson Mandela Square (Sandton, Johannesbrug)

TANG provides customers with an opulent and sensory dining experience that is modeled after modern izakayas in Japan and traditional Cantonese restaurants in Hong Kong. TANG is an opulent interpretation of Japanese IZAKAYA dining and drinking.  Their meal is crafted and brought to perfection by talented proffessional  chefs using only the finest, most exclusive ingredients.The news that TANG has landed in the Mother City will please Capetonians. TANG V&A Waterfront is expected to be one of the hottest places to eat out this summer after opening its doors at the end of 2022.

2.Flames – Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff (Westcliff, Johannesbrug)

Flames restaurant, which embraces Johannesburg’s vitality, offers an urban-casual menu with reimagined South African classics that are produced in the outside braai kitchen. This laid-back location is ideal for enjoying small snacks and drinks while watching the sun set on the spacious hillside terrace. The urban-casual menu at Flames Restaurant at Four Seasons Johannesburg features seasonal fresh ingredients and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

3.The Grillhouse Melrose Arch (Melrose Arch, Johannesburg)

The Grillhouse Melrose Arch, the newest restaurant to join The Grillhouse family, is located in the center of the energetic Melrose Arch area and is already dominating the booking charts! Like a traditional New York steakhouse, the restaurant’s diners gush about the excellent service, premium meats, and perfectly cooked steaks. They also have locations in Sandton and Rosebank, which rank seventh and fiftyth respectively in our 2022 Dineplan Reviewers’ Choice Awards. The Grillhouse is a well-known and well-liked premium steakhouse in Johannesburg. The Grillhouse, which opened in 1995, provides the ideal dining experience in every way: excellent food, a wide variety of superb wines and malts, first-rate service, and an upscale yet welcoming ambiance.

4. Kloof Street House (Gardens, Cape Town)

The famous Kloof Street House is situated in a Victorian home with a fairy-lit garden at the base of Cape Town’s bustling Kloof Street. Diners adore this restaurant for its numerous modest and charming dining rooms, live jazz Sunday lunches, and cocktail hour in the garden, among the trees, as it offers an intimate dining refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Visit them, and we guarantee they’ll make you feel at home!

This Victorian home from the 20th century hides a flair for design beneath its pressed ceilings. The restaurant is a visual feast for the diner with an inquisitive mind and a wandering eye, with gorgeous chandeliers and a bar filled with suitcases. Every square inch of the house is an archive, a memory of a period or location removed from the contemporary metropolis we live in. Our garden serves as a gathering place for tourists and residents on pleasant summer evenings to swap stories over meals. Curl up on our library lounge’s chesterfield couches when the chill of winter sets in or enjoy the glow of the fireplaces in the dining room.

Their brasserie-style menu is an outgrowth of their passion for cooking delectable food and awareness of the origins of their ingredients. Their entire meat supply is ethically sourced, grass-fed, and free-range. They believe in bringing people together over feasts and stimulating conversation in genuine homey form. They are eating a variety of foods that are full of flavors and created to sate their shared appetites.

Their drinks are the epitome of a night at Kloof Street House; they are bursting with flavor and crafted with just the right amount of glitz and charm. Their skilled bartenders produce a variety of modern classics and creative fusions on the menu with love. Their creative talents really flow while making their distinctive drinks, which are the highlights of cosy nights and brilliant celebrations.

5. Marble Rest Restaurant (Rosebank)

Mable is centered around its massive wood-fired grill and delivers incredible foods that are just off the coals, celebrating traditional South African cuisine and culture as well as our love of cooking with fire. Customers gush (again and over again) about the great steaks, top-notch service, and chic atmosphere while also raving about the top-quality cuts of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, and bread. Good news for Capetonians: in November 2023, Chef David Higgs will bring the Marble experience to Cape Town, complete with bar, beverages, smoky food, luxury, and top-notch service.

“Marble is a celebration of quintessential South African fare. It embodies South Africans’ love of cooking with fire, a quality that makes our food culture different from the rest of the world” David Higgs. The centerpiece of Marble Restaurant, which is located in Rosebank’s Keyes Art Mile, is a massive wood-fired barbecue that was imported from Grill Works in Michigan. The idea mixes the widely popular open-fire trend with a dash of authentic South African flair.

They have long been intrigued by what makes South African cuisine special, and they think it has to do with their love of meat and fire. It is the well-established custom of preparing food over a wood fire while mingling with friends. They feature a variety of fresh items, all grilled on our expertly prepared coals, including fish, poultry, vegetables, and breads. But this is not just meat that we celebrate in this way.All of the interior design at Marble Restaurant was created in partnership with local artists. It was only natural for them to include art in the interior installations given their proximity to the Keyes Art Mile. Every component of design at Marble expresses art.

6. Saint Restaurant (Sandton, Johannesburg)

At Saint, another of Chef David Higgs’ restaurants, the talented cooks create mouthwatering (though not entirely traditional) hand-made pizzas from scratch. Due to the importance of having the ideal crust, customized, high-performance wood-fired pizza ovens from Naples the origin of chewy, flawlessly charred, and blistered pizza crusts were imported. You’ll see a pattern in their customer reviews, such as “excellent, as usual,” “I always like this establishment,” “Saint never disappoints,” “we highly suggest this restaurant,” and similar phrases. Therefore, do yourself a favor and reserve a table so you can devour one of those pizzas yourself.

7.The Grillhouse Rosebank

The Grillhouse Rosebank earned a Top 50 ranking in our 2022 Dineplan Reviewers’ Choice Awards, as was already reported. It’s unquestionably one of Johannesburg’s most popular fine steakhouses, with hundreds of 5-star reviews. The Grillhouse, which has been in business for almost 30 years, provides the best of everything when it comes to dining: excellent food, a huge selection of superb wines and malts, first-rate service, and an upscale but welcoming ambiance.

8.The Fat Butcher (Stellenbosch Central, Stellenbosch)

The Fat Butcher, located in the center of green Stellies, is a favorite of both locals and tourists. They recommend booking a table in the enchanted, fairy-lit courtyard and ordering one of their trademark steaks, which many of their customers refer to as “the best steak of their lives.” The Fat Butcher is a must-visit location in Stellenbosch after racking up over 17,000 reservations throughout 2022 and earning a coveted Top 20 ranking in our 2022 Dineplan Reviewers’ Choice Awards.

9.The Bungalow (Clifton, Cape Town)

Location. It is simple to understand why The Bungalow is among the busiest and most recognizable seaside eateries in Cape Town. It’s a “wonderful place with beautiful food,” as one diner puts it, and we couldn’t agree more. The tables are perfectly positioned in Clifton, one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in the city, and offer stunning, expansive views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Twelve Apostles mountain range. Once you’ve had your fill of the beach, come inside The Bungalow for some cocktails and Mediterranean-style fare for the ultimate in barefoot luxury!

10. Aurum Restaurant (Sandton, Johannesburg)

The mission of Aurum, a restaurant located inside The Leonardo, one of Johannesburg’s most renowned buildings, is to deliver an outstanding culinary experience. Their outstanding menu offers a contemporary take on European cooking. It’s a haven for fine-dining foodies, serving up nostalgic cuisine meant to connect with customers on a deeper, emotional level. It’s no surprise that Aurum is so well-liked and busy when customers leave reviews like “the food was out of this world,” “10/10 service,” and “looking forward in returning.”

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