Bonang Matheba Biography

Bonang Dorothy Matheba is one of South Africa’s most successful and well-known media personalities. Matheba is a multi-award-winning radio host, TV presenter, MC, Global Citizen ambassador, and style icon from South Africa is affectionately known by her fans as Queen B. She has cemented her position as the continent of Africa’s most sought-after entertainment personality and the continent’s top social media darling with more than 8.58M combined social media followers.

Bonang’s early life

Bonang Matheba was born on the 25th of June 1987 in the North West province. Bonang’s parents, Professor Andrew Gampi Matheba and Charlotte Mokoena separated when she was a little child, but she never felt the effects of their divorce, despite the fact that she confesses she yearned for her parents to cohabitate. Her parents, though, were so devoted to her that the divorce didn’t even affect her negatively. Bonang’s mother is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources & Corporate Affairs, and her father was a lecturer at the University of the North West.

Matheba’s career

Bonang debuted on our screen at the tender age of 15 on a program called Manhattan’s Fantasy Challenge. This program was followed by Reggies Rush, School TV, and lately Illovo Sweet Surprise, all of the programs aired on SABC 2.

At the age of 19 years old,  she auditioned for live Amp and was hired as Tbo Touch’s co-host for the SABC 1 music program Live Amp in 2007. Due to the vitality and flamboyance she gave to the performance, her role on Live Amp garnered her quick fame and fans.

The media personality has been on a winning streak for the previous 15 years, and from that point on, the Bonang Matheba brand was created. The honor of hosting innumerable award presentations as well as serving as the MC for numerous pageants and other festivities has been bestowed upon Bonang.

Bonang Matheba’s relationships

Bonang and Euphonik

Bonang’s first relationship in the public was with DJ Euphonik, but it ended after a violent incident between the two that resulted in Bonang filing charges against Euphonik; however, she eventually dropped the charges since the two had privately settled their differences.

Bonang and D’banj

Back in 2015, there were rumors that Bonang and D’Banj were dating. The rumors were furthered by the two locking lips at the MTV MAMAs when D’Banj was named the winner of an award. However, their romance ended suddenly and without warning.

Bonang and AKA

After that, Bonang dated rapper AKA for two years. One of the most publicized celebrity pairings in the South African entertainment sector was theirs. They split up in 2017, and AKA tweeted several times to confirm it.

Queen B Endorsement

As one of the four brand ambassadors for the international cosmetics company Revlon, Bonang made history in June 2013 when she joined Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde, and Emma Stone as the ONLY Face of Revlon from outside of the United States. A FIRST FOR REVLON IN THE WORLD.

Owner of Bonang Matheba Entertainment, she also hosts Top Billing, South Africa’s premier lifestyle show, presents Clash Of The Choirs South Africa, and hosts the well-liked radio program “The Front Row” on Metro FM. She also presents SA’s daily lifestyle/talkshow offering “Afternoon Express” and presents Clash Of The Choirs South Africa. weekdays 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., with 6,7 million South African listeners.

Bonang Matheba Businesses

House Of Bonang

In 2019, Bonang debuted her very own line of alcoholic beverages, and since then, her career has been on quite the ascent. The Brut and Brut Rosé Méthode Cap Classiques are the company’s premier offerings (MCCs). Speaking of her motivations for starting the business,Matheba said “The House of BNG was a passion project of mine for a long time. It’s no secret that champagne is my favorite drink, so having the opportunity to make my own MCC was an opportunity I couldn’t miss out on! I’m so excited about the brand’s growth and in its innovation of new products”

Bonang Matheba Entertainment

Given her background in the media and entertainment sector, Bonang also made the decision to create her own production company, Bonang Matheba Entertainment, which has so far produced the program Being Bonang for 1 Magic TV.

The news that the reality television program was ending after three seasons was consequently quite startling and upsetting. Bonang explained that it was because it was among her worst life experiences. As you can already guess, Twitter users were perplexed as to why she would say this given that it was her own design.Bonang stated that “Making Being Bonang Season 3 was one of the worst working experiences of my life!! Glad it’s ending…remind me to tell y’all why one day!”

Bonang Matheba World

The “Bonang Matheba’s World” is a mobile app that all-access pass gives fans everyday access to exclusive content and non-stop adventure on the Cell C and MTN Networks.

It includes videos of Bonang answering subscriber questions, going behind the scenes at photo shoots and events, and creating music video playlists. It also includes exclusive advice such as daily affirmations, self-improvement, health tips, and business advice. Bonang also shares her favorite places to hang out, including bars, clubs, restaurants, and vacation destinations.

The app features videos of Bonang responding to questions from subscribers and providing behind-the-scenes access to photo shoots and events, as well as exclusive advice like daily affirmations, self-growth, health tips, and business advice. Bonang also shares her favorite hangouts, including bars, clubs, restaurants, and vacation spots.

Fans were thrilled to finally be able to peek into Bonang’s world and interact with her on a level that they would not have been able to do on her social media accounts, so their enthusiasm at the announcement of this incredibly inventive app was palpable.

The “Untitled” Podcast

The former radio host recently revealed that, in collaboration with iHeartMedia, she would be hosting her very own podcast on Charlamagne Tha God’s Black Effect Podcast Network.

Friends and colleagues in the industry who were thrilled to hear her voice back on the airways once more reacted to this news with wonder and joy. Naturally, such a relationship has resulted in increased income and much-needed industry exposure.

Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund

The #FeesMustFall student protests of 2016 served as the motivation for The Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund and had a tremendous worldwide impact. In order to combat dire poverty and successfully lead the #GirlsCount campaign, Bonang had a strong desire to get involved and help find a solution. As a result, she teamed up with the ONE Campaign. In order to address global poverty and education at the 2016 World Economics Forum in Durban, South Africa, Bonang was asked to speak with African delegates and political leaders from all over the content. “I believe that when you educate a girl child, you actually educate a community and you educate a family. As girls tend to become the head of the household, these young ladies pay their education forward; and an education is something that nobody can take away from you. It has a generational advantage and value.”

The media figure received the 5 For Changemaker Award for the first time ever in 2018 at the 5 For Change Black Tie Gala event, which took place on October 27, 2018. According to, the award was “in recognition of her work as the founder of The Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund and for using her platform to advance social justice issues in South Africa and around the world. But for Bonang, this is just the beginning because she wants to send more young ladies to college in the future.

Years ago, she stated on Instagram that her scholarship program will provide 10 girls with the chance to attend university in 2019.

“Wanna know why I’m smiling so hard? Because, in 2019, 10 MORE South African girls will receive the incredible opportunity of going to University! Last night we announced our plans for the 2019 Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund Program & boooooyyyy am I excited! I’ve partnered with an incredible organization that believes in my passion for EDUCATING THE AFRICAN GIRL CHILD! So once again, I’m taking my girls to SCHOOL!! [sic]” she wrote.TV personality With the help of her Bonang Matheba Bursary Fund, Bonang Matheba set a high objective for herself: to guarantee that 300 young women receive tertiary education in the next three years. In 2018 a philanthropic and activist prize was awarded to Bonang Matheba.

Bonang’s net worth

According to Forbes, Bonang Matheba’s net worth as of 2022 will be over $7 million, or roughly 100 million Rands. One’s liabilities are often subtracted from their assets to determine their net worth.


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