GridCars and Audi SA complete EV charging network in SA

The construction of 33 Electric vehicles (EV) charging stations across the nation has been completed by Audi South Africa in collaboration with GridCars, a producer of EV charging systems. The German automaker, which calls itself the first EV brand to invest in such technology locally, announced in January cooperation with GridCars to deploy ultra-fast charging stations throughout SA. The installation adds 70 additional charge point connectors to Audi’s current nationwide charging network.

GridCars has become renowned as an independent authority on Electric Vehicle Charging Service Equipment (EVSE) and Charging Station Infrastructure and Management Systems. GridCars was also a founding member of the Electric Vehicle Industry Association

According to a statement, all South African EV drivers, regardless of model or brand ownership, have immediate access to the chargers, which range in power from 22kW (AC) to 80kW (DC) and 150kW (DC) ultra-fast charging. The local public charging network now has 250 charge stations, according to the mapping website PlugShare for the charging infrastructure.

“Audi is committed to ensuring customers of any EV can comfortably travel the country, with the reassurance that the EV charging infrastructure is in place to support their progressive choice of mobility,” says Sascha Sauer, head of Audi SA.

“With the public Audi EV chargers now formally in operation and available, our project in ensuring there are active state-of-the-art EV chargers at key destination and lifestyle venues across SA is tracking well, and we are excited to officially encourage all early adopters of electric mobility to utilize these charge points. This is a huge encouragement towards the adoption of EVs in SA, as it’s a positive indication towards a growing public EV charging network in our country.”

Although there is a demand for EVs from South African consumers, the high cost and range anxiety caused by a lack of charging infrastructure are among the major barriers to increasing adoption, according to the just issued 2022 AutoTrader Mid-Year Industry Report.

In 2018, Jaguar Land Rover and GridCars collaborated on a multimillion-rand effort to construct free public charging stations along SA’s busiest routes. Over the previous few years, the two companies had increased the project’s charging infrastructure. According to Audi, the live 150kW public chargers will give users a driving range of +/-340km in about 30 minutes. To facilitate long-distance travel, they have been placed in strategic locations along national routes throughout all provinces.

The automaker claims it will continue to support and collaborate with organizations that can make the switch to an electric future in South Africa simple and easy.

“Our mission is to continually increase EV charging points across the country in order to drive SA’s green e-mobility revolution forward,” says Winstone Jordaan, MD of GridCars.The only way to achieve this mission is through consistent and meaningful partnerships that enable the transformation of the automotive industry, helping customers embrace the electric future of mobility.

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