How to make money online in South Africa

The ideal working arrangement is remote and online. If you want to increase your income from your nine-to-five job or if you’re a student trying to supplement your income, this may be helpful to you. Finding jobs online would also be in your best interests as we transition into a more technologically advanced and artificially influenced era. Everything will eventually be online, therefore now is the time to advance. One of the best things about being a freelancer and working online is that you typically get to choose your own rate. How much money you want to make is entirely up to you.

The desire to quickly earn money online while staying at home has increased over the past few years. The appeal of the internet is that it serves as a potent sales channel, marketing network, and social media hub, among many other functions. Beyond completing surveys and selling used items on marketplaces, there are various inventive ways to make quick money online. Online surveys are a fantastic way to earn additional cash for nothing in South Africa, and you can complete them at home. You may sign up for free accounts with a number of survey organizations that will pay you for sharing your views. After registering, you may begin taking surveys and collecting incentives.

Making money is difficult. Having said that, people have found innovative ways to make money and demonstrated several means of achieving financial independence to us. Fortunately, South Africans may earn money online through a variety of methods. You’re sure to find anything that can earn you money right away, whether it’s employing abilities you currently have or sharing your knowledge on specific subjects.

Ways to make money online in South Africa


Without a doubt, becoming a translator is a terrific method to earn money. Remember, not everyone has the ability to learn a new language. It’s time to make use of your abilities if you’re one of those people who can speak more than one language fluently.

Time– This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the length of the file to be transcribed, your level of language proficiency, and other factors.

Cost – Free

Possible earnings – According to, the average monthly income for a professional can reach as high as 106,392.98 ZAR.

Tools needed – Text editing programs like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

 Watch videos

You might think it’s a little strange, but sure, businesses actually pay viewers of videos! Sadly, these won’t be any big box office successes. Wintub, a website that offers paid video content, serves as an illustration of this. This kind of work is ideal for your downtime because it allows you to earn some extra cash while taking a break from your other jobs.

Time – This won’t demand a lot of your time unless you prefer to watch multiple videos at a time.

Cost – Free

Possible earnings – The more videos you watch, the more you stand to earn.

Tools needed – A computer and possibly earphones.

 Online surveys

Any company will tell you that understanding their target audience’s perspectives is important knowledge. Having stated that, it’s simple to locate websites that feature surveys from these intrepid businesses. Even though the compensation for each survey might not be very high, the ease with which it can be completed makes it a perfect option to earn some extra money on the side. A good illustration of these sites is Swagbucks.

Time – This will depend on how many surveys you wish to fill out.

Cost – Free

Possible earnings – The more surveys you answer, the more you stand to earn.

Tools needed – A computer with an internet connection.

Online English teacher

Being bilingual is a huge benefit for money-making endeavors and a terrific way to generate money online in South Africa, much like the preceding translation suggestion. After all, if you are fluent in the language, you can earn money by helping others learn the language.

Time – This can take up a lot of your time if you’ll be working full-time as an online English teacher.

Cost – Free

Possible earnings – On average, 280 ZAR per hour

Tools needed – A computer with an internet connection and video conferencing applications.

online tutor

There is no doubt about the significance of education. By providing your services as an online tutor, you may make a living and do your part. The best thing about online education is that you have access to all of these cutting-edge tools to help you educate, enabling you to carry out your duties effectively and quickly.

Time – This will depend on the number of students.

Cost – Free

Possible earnings – The average hourly rate for tutors is 152 ZAR per hour.

Tools needed – A computer with an internet connection and video conferencing applications.

Dropshipping business

The demand for infrastructure for inventory storage and other necessities keeps many people from beginning their own enterprises. Dropshipping is a fantastic solution to this issue because it allows you to act as the middleman between the supplier and the buyer rather than having to store the goods.

Time – This will depend on your level of participation.

Cost – Free, assuming payment to the supplier is made upon confirmation of purchase.

Possible earnings – This will depend on your marketing and the product itself.

Tools needed – A computer with an internet connection.

Transcription job

Transcribing is a fantastic method to earn money online if you have a keen ear and accurate typing skills. The return is very good for something you can do at home, but it will require some expertise and perseverance. Rev has developed into a terrific platform for many freelancers out there.

Time – Can be treated as full-time or freelance, depending on your needs.

Cost – Free

Possible earnings – Rev reports an average monthly income of 3,920.53 ZAR as of writing.

Tools needed – Text editing programs like Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

Advantages of remote employment in South Africa

Companies were compelled to relocate their operations from offices to temporary workspaces in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms across South Africa about 10 months ago, with unexpected results. Large corporations report a significant increase in productivity along with other advantages, which will likely lead to many adopting a “blended” model in the future that will permit workers to work from both the office and from home.

“For a professional or knowledge-based business environment like ours we’ve actually seen that people can be highly productive when working from home,” RMB CEO James Formby told Business Insider SA. “If anything, we’ve found that people are working harder and have found this way of working more intense.”

According to a recent Harvard Business School and New York University study of 3.1 million workers worldwide, the average workday lengthened by 48.5 minutes during the pandemic. “Productivity levels improved even though people were faced with enormous levels of stress and uncertainty,”

Michaela Voller, chief human resources officer at Dimension Data, explains. During the initial lockdown, employees had to manage to homeschool their kids while also having extended families move in. Employees were happier working from home despite these pressures. According to RMB, working from home offers several benefits, not the least of which is avoiding traffic and having more time to spend with family.

Additional advantages have also come from the expanded use of teleconferencing; according to Shoprite, its at-home employees hold 2,384 scheduled virtual meetings every day. The growth of online meeting tools, according to Cheree Dyers, CEO of Cape Town-based asset manager Prescient Investment Management, has expanded Prescient’s potential talent pool outside of South Africa.“For example, we use a lot of data scientists,” she says. “It’s actually become a lot easier to find and collaborate with specialists like these, many of whom reside offshore.”

Facebook Marketplace

If you’re looking for a way to generate money from home with no investment, Facebook Marketplace is ideal for you. You can post used goods in a variety of categories on the platform and sell them to nearby customers. The platform provides merchant services that let small businesses list and sell their goods by connecting an online store to Facebook Marketplace. There are alternatives to using Facebook to make payments. Payment service providers like iKhokha provide practical options like payment connections that make it possible to trade money without cash or a card reader.

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