Khuli Chana opens up studio in support of upcoming artists

The well-known Hip-Hop artist (Khuli Chana) has dedicated a lot of time and effort to Khuli Chana Studios. It took five years to create the recently opened Midrand creative facility, which provides upcoming artists with studios for live streaming and podcasts in addition to equipment for television and music production. The rapper and music entrepreneur made an initial attempt to launch the hub in 2017, but the venture ended in failure.

“I’ve failed at this thing several times. I first invested my own money by getting a warehouse that would cater to all these things but little did I know that the location of the studio would be pivotal in it being a success. So eventually, it became an epic fail. Instead of it being a hub for young creative, it resulted in it being a recording studio that I ended up closing down the following year.” Said Khuli

The Tswa Daar rapper, whose real name is Khulane Morule, however, understood in his heart that he wasn’t yet finished realizing his vision of a one-stop creative hub. In 2020, he made a second attempt to raise money for his idea and enlisted investors, but the negotiations broke down and the agreement was not finalized.

“That’s when I told myself I needed to move to the next chapter… I had a fear that seeing that we were living under a pandemic, I might die and never get the opportunity to fulfill what I’ve always wanted to do which is to become a mouthpiece for these musicians or give them a platform to be able to speak and create so that they are never forgotten,”.I then went back to the drawing board and thought to myself, ‘how do I make these musicians timeless and unforgettable?’ I knew I shouldn’t give up and make this a reality.” Chana said

The 39-year-old artist finds success the third time around. The studios are not just accessible for hire, but he also intends to support artists who lack funding. These aspiring artists can use the facilities for free for a week, but this will only happen once a month or twice a month.

“I want them to think of me as that channel and I want them to think of me as an example of somebody who’s been able to recreate themselves from being a musician to a building,” he added. Chana hasn’t released any new music in recent times, and he gave an explanation for the protracted sabbatical, saying it was primarily necessary to create “timeless classics.”

“I come from the era of creating art and that takes time. I pour into the music whenever I experience life. However, one thing I will never do is retire from making music. I may be moving into entrepreneurship but that doesn’t mean I’m retiring from making music, Music is the thing that comes naturally to me, but this time, what people will witness from me is more collaborations with the youngsters, known and unknown producers. ” he said.

Chana finds his greatest consolation in the warm arms of his wife and fellow artist Lamiez Holworthy through all of his endeavors, business ideas, and failed attempts. “I never thought that my wife could become my source of inspiration or role model. She inspires and motivates me a lot. She’s such a hard worker and she often reminds me of who I am whenever I feel like I’m going through a dark space, In the beginning, I felt way out of my comfort zone being in a relationship that’s in the public eye but through the years she’s shown me how amazing it is.” he said.

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