Kings of Johannesburg season two met with coflicting reviews

Just over two years after the first episode of Kings of Joburg aired, season two is finally here. Despite obvious concern about how the drama would continue without its creator and star, Shona Ferguson, many are unsure if the most recent season is worth watching. If you’ve been watching a show since the beginning, you don’t need to rewatch the previous season in order to continue the new season, but with Kings Of Joburg’s significant time gap between seasons one and two, you’re going to need a refresher. After a two-year wait and an incredible amount of fresh content being released and consumed during that time, it’s fair that you would have forgotten some of the story’s most important details.

Due to the decision of the show’s writers to incorporate the supernatural subject matter in the overall “crime families” concept of the series, the first season of the show was met with some lukewarm and unfavorable reviews, with many referring to it as “that show with the mermaid.”Kings Of Jo’Burg was one of the most popular South African shows on Netflix, but after the creator Shona Ferguson passed away in 2021, a second season wasn’t certain. However, his wife Connie took over and somehow managed to lay out a second season that advances the tale of the Masrie family while keeping its creator and star in mind.

Mixed reaction

While some viewers claimed they could not continue watching past episode 3, others claimed they binge-watched the entire season. While some viewers indicated that they could not continue watching past episode 3, others claimed they binge-watched the entire season. People complained that the plot was disjointed and that great actress Connie Ferguson should have remained a mermaid.

Below are different comments about the season

“I honestly think #NetfliSA should’ve approved #KingsOfJoburg fr 5 season…so è producers don’t have to rush and pile the storyline…but all in all it’s not bad…Shona had a magical touch…you can feel his absence infront & behind camera🥹@TallZo you the best at what u doing🔥🔥😍”said ThaaBlaa

“A bit all over the place, you have to watch some scenes a few times to understand what’s going on 😭😭 but gets better after episode 4. You need a recap of atleast the last 2 episodes of S1. 7/10 😊” said Just Boity

Kings of Jorburg Storyline

The criminal thriller Kings of Jo’Burg follows the tale of two brothers named Mo and Simon. The Johannesburg criminal underworld is ruled by the Masire brothers. They are subject to a curse from a magical family and face the prospect of extinction. At the conclusion of the first season, Simon is forced to offer his son as a sacrifice to the mermaid, the show’s supernatural component. From there, the narrative picks up, bringing us a number of thrilling occurrences. The series is back to pick up where it left off after two years. It focuses on Mo becoming the head of the kings in the second season, which is followed by a lot of familial and mermaid turmoil.

Kings of Jorbug Season 2

Mo killed his brother and now carries the mermaid’s curse. At a time when there is a lot of uncertainty and danger everywhere, he finds himself in charge of the criminal organization. Because of Simon’s disappearance, Mo’s family is wary of him. Meanwhile, he marries his bride, learns she is an undercover police officer, and subsequently discovers her true identity. After 20 years, Mo’s sister Veronica comes into their lives, appearing to be helpful but actually scheming against them. It is Mo’s responsibility to protect his family and combat the various dangers.

From the start to the last episode, the television series features a lot of thrilling happenings. The show will continuously surprise the audience, whether it is with the characters or the course of the plot. Shona Ferguson, Zolisa Xaluva, Sello Sebotsane, and Buhle Samuels are the series’ stars. Supporting characters include Tk Sebothoma, Nnekwa Tsajwa, Connie Ferguson, and numerous others.

After his brother Simon’s (Shona Ferguson) strange disappearance, Mo Masrie (Zolisa Xaluva) assumes control of the criminal organization in the second season. Mo is dealing with a multitude of difficulties and dangers to the security of his family as a result of the mermaid’s curse that he contracted after killing his brother. The second season’s main tension involves Mo’s marriage to his expectant bride Phumzi (Cindy Mahlangu). When Phumzi tells Mo that she is an undercover police officer, their relationship becomes tense and distrustful. Mo eventually makes her a proposal, promising to believe in her and help her with her covert work.


As the leading character, Zolisa Xaluva’s acting is passable, and to be quite honest, this season’s cast as a whole is largely average at best and unnecessarily theatrical at worst. Victor is played by Abdul Khoza fairly effectively, and he provides Mo with a good counterpoint. Khoza succeeds in making him finally disclose his true colors after initially giving the impression that he is a loyal cop. As Veronica, Connie Ferguson is another excellent addition to the group. One of the season’s finer performances came from her as a veteran with past trauma.

Kings of Johannesburg’s second season features great acting, with Zolisa Xaluva giving a standout performance as the title character Mo. As the agent are determined to bring the Masrie family to justice, Victor Gaxa, Abdul Khoza gives a strong performance as well. Veronica, Mo’s sister, is played by Connie Ferguson, who joins the cast with a powerful and nuanced performance. However, some of the other cast members have trouble providing underwhelming and overly theatrical performances. The incorporation of the supernatural component of the series is one of the second season’s main flaws. The curse of the mermaid is redundant and lends a level of silliness to the show that takes away from the crime drama’s serious and brutal tone. It’s also challenging to follow the story because the editing is frequently rough and abrupt. Overall, Kings of Johannesburg’s second season is a letdown after the first. The story has potential, but the bad execution and uninspired creative choices ruin the overall experience. Although the acting is generally good, the series’ supernatural theme and the editing problems make it challenging to fully immerse oneself in the story.

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