Man dies after a drinking competition in Limpopo

South Africans are in shock after a bizarre event in Limpopo that claimed the life of a man who consumed the entire bottle of Jägermeister during a competition. A bottle of alcoholic beverage costs more than the prizes in the competition that was held on Sunday, July 10, which has surprised many on social media. The man’s age is estimated to be between 25 and 30.

A video of a man guzzling a bottle of  Jägermeister went popular on social media on Tuesday. Numerous accounts claim that the incident took place on Sunday at the Blue Corner Car Wash & Liquor Restaurant pub in Ha-Mashamba Village, Limpopo.

Participants had to down a full bottle of Jägermeister in less than two minutes in order to win the tournament. However, after taking the alcoholic beverage, one of the participants passed away.

The man was brought to the hospital where he was tragically certified dead. He had entered the competition for some additional cash and was hoping to win. The inquest case has been opened by police at Waterval (outside of Louis Trichardt), according to Brigadier Motlafela Mojapelo, a spokesperson for the Limpopo Police Department.

“It follows an incident of apparent misuse of alcohol that took place at one of the local liquor outlets at Mashamba Village, where the patrons allegedly participated in what they called a ‘drinking competition’, in which the winner who could consume the entire bottle of Jagermeister, within a specified time, would get R200 cash,” Mojapelo said.

As Jägermeister led Twitter trends on Tuesday, social media users turned to a variety of channels to respond to the situation.

“I’ve got so many questions about that Jagermeister death. Did he have to buy the bottle in order to participate? Surely Jager costs more than R200 so nje this man took L’s on L’s,” one tweep asked.

“You can’t even buy a bottle of Jagermeister with the competition money,” another reacted.

“Imagine surviving the world’s deadliest pandemic to be killed by Jagermeister,” another tweep wrote.

Drink Aware, an independent alcohol education organization, defines binge drinking as “consuming a lot of alcohol in a short period of time,” which can be very dangerous. Our bodies can only metabolize about one unit of alcohol every hour, and even less for some people, according to the education charity.

In 2000, it was projected that 7.1% of all deaths and 7.1% of all disability-adjusted life years in South Africa were attributable to the disease. Alcohol continues to be the most commonly abused substance in South Africa, where between 7.5 percent and 31.5 percent of the population either has an alcohol problem or is in danger of developing one

Alcohol abuse can be bad for your heart and overall health. It raises the risk of some malignancies, high blood pressure, heart failure, and triglyceride (a type of fat) levels in the blood. Damage to the heart muscle, irregular heartbeats, and sudden cardiac death are all potential additional adverse effects. A stroke can also result from binge drinking or excessive drinking.

If you choose to consume alcohol, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa advises that you do so moderately. For men, this means a daily limit of two drinks and for women, a daily limit of one drink. 340 ml of beer, 120 ml of wine, 60 ml of sherry, or 25 ml of spirits constitute one drink.

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