Northen Cape man arrested for guns

It’s not going to be business as usual this Friday for a business man from Northen Cape, this comes after the 46 year old man from Upington in Nothern Cape will spend this weekend behind bars after allegedly being illegally in possession and dealing in firearms and ammunition worth millions of rand. The Hawks said the team responded to a tip-off regarding weapons stored at a shop on Schroder street in Upington. “A search and seizure operation was conducted and during the search iPads, cell phones, memory sticks, external hard-drives, hand radios, airsoft rifles, hunting rifles, shotguns, .303 rifle bullet and empty cartridges with an estimated value of R7 million,” said spokesperson Katlego Mogale. Mogale said the suspect will appear in the Upington Magistrate’s Court on Monday

Source: IOL

Between 2000 and 2010 gun-related murders halved in South Africa, which  the research done by the Gun  Free South Africa which is a Gun Free SA is an NGO working to reduce gun violence in South Africa through public policy advocacy, education, awareness and community mobilisation that has linked to a range of gun control interventions during this time.

However, in 2010/11, SA’s murder, attempted murder and aggravated robbery rates began increasing. At the same time evidence of the Firearms Control Act not being properly implemented began mounting. Currently more than 25 people are shot and killed every day in South Africa, more 138 people survive a gunshot, often with severe disabilities, every day in South Africa

In the latest figures, Cele, who was replying to a written question from the opposition party, said a number of gun owners had used their firearms to kill children.

“A total number of 36 firearms were fired by their registered owners. A total number of 127 firearms were fired by a person who did not have a licence for that specific firearm,” Police Minister Bheki Cele has revealed.

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