Robert Marawa Biography

South African sports writer and television and radio host Robert Marawa began his career as a continuity presenter before transitioning into sports broadcasting, where he operated as the host of programs including TopSport and Laduma. He enrolled at the University of Witwatersrand in 1992 to pursue a law degree, but in 1996 he caught the broadcasting bug.

Where is Robert Marawa originally from?

He was raised in the Vryheid neighborhood of KwaZulu-Natal. Before moving to Gauteng, Robert spent most of his boyhood in the province. In the vicinity of Pietermaritzburg, at Hilton College, he finished his secondary schooling.

Robert Marawa’s family

Robert Marawa’s mother is Phumile Marawa, and his father is Frank Marawa. With his siblings, Robert grew up. He has two renowned sisters. The former deputy manager of the South African Senior Men’s National Football Team (Bafana Bafana) was Gugu Marawa. She also spent a brief time managing the Lamontville Golden Arrows. Vanessa Marawa is his other sibling. Additionally not a new name in South Africa is Vanessa. Survivor South Africa: Panama was an event she participated in and won.

Robert Marawa’s love life

Marawa is quite secretive about his romantic relationships, thus it takes a superb interviewer to elicit information about them from him. He rarely admits his love connections, yet they frequently become well-known.

Zoe Mthiyane

Zoey Mthiyane and Robert Marawa had a romantic relationship. She is well-known for her work in Generations: The Legacy. She was an actor and vocalist who appeared in The Lion King, a Disney Theatrical Production.Zoe chose to take her child with her when they split up and has since made every effort to ensure that her child is at ease. But she doesn’t appreciate the work Robert has put into raising their son. When he attempted to gain legal access to his son, she responded to his claim that he was a responsible father.

He was dating the well-known actress Zoe Mthiyane. Awande, their eleven-year-old son, was born to them on July 18, 2011, in KwaZulu. As a result of their short-lived relationship, Robert began an affair with Pearl Thusi, a South African actor, businesswoman, and model. They appeared to be getting married, but after Robert announced their breakup on his social media profile, their romance abruptly ended.

After detailing in an open letter how Robert was failing in his responsibility as a father to the couple’s young kid in 2015, Zoe vowed to drag Robert’s ass to court.Even though Robert is rumored to earn more than R300,000 per month, Sunday Sun reports that he only pays a little over R2,000 per month, which is far less than what Zoe is seeking.

Here’s Zoe’s apparent list of demands:

  • R 8,750 for lodging
  • R 4,970 for school fees
  • R 2,500 for a driver
  • R 2,450 for food
  • R 1,625 for clothes
  • R 1,427 for holidays
  • R 1,400 for after-care
  • R 1,350 for extra-murals
  • R 500 for garden service
  • R100 for toiletries

“I acknowledge and respect your privacy, peace and tranquillity. Regardless, I am content that as the natural father, I am inclined to reasonable access to Awande. For the avoidance of protracted legal processes, I request that we attain an immediate and resolute agreement regarding the upbringing of our child. Your prompt response is anticipated within 5 days hereof” letter detailed by Marawa

Zoey, in response, claimed that he was a deadbeat dad. She wrote back to him saying “I was advised to respond with my legal representatives who have since written 2 legal letters to yourself and to date, contrary to your above comments, you have not responded.”

Pearl Thusi

Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi’s relationship was one of Mzansi’s favourite golden oldie celebrity relationships. Even though Robert Marawa and Pearl Thusi split up years ago, they are still on good terms. The well-known sportscaster claims to still speak with his ex-girlfriend and says they are very respectful of one another.During an interview with MacG’s “Podcast and Chill” series, he made the remarks. MacG brought up a remark Pearl made about Robert in an earlier podcast episode. “Robert and I had a great relationship. Things didn’t work out for reasons we’d rather not talk about…. You need to know when to leave situations no matter how much you want to stay. When something is not good for you, don’t die in it, learn from it and move on,” MacG quoted the ‘Queen Sono‘ actress as saying.Robert told Mac that he agreed with Pearl’s comment.“[The] relationship came to an end. She’s right. There’s always been mutual respect, actually, we communicated just the other day.”

When asked to respond to Pearl’s remarks, Robert said: “Relationship came to an end. She’s right. There’s always been mutual respect,” adding that they “communicated just the other day.”

Robert went on to say that his busy work schedule has made it hard to maintain a romantic relationship saying: “We are in a messed up industry.” According to the sportscaster, an ex-partner recently asked him: “Are you still married to your work?” Elaborating further on his relationship with Pearl, Robert said: “With Pearl, there was respect all around. She also got the gig on Quantico, where she was in New York, which was a positive thing. Because I always knew that the one thing that’s driven her career is the ambition to one day hold that statue or Oscar award.”

 Robert Marawa’s career

Marawa entered the media space as a presenter, the exact opposite of what he had studied at the university. In 1996, SABC1 was his first stop. Two years were spent working for SABC1. Later, he was employed as the host of the Laduma live soccer show.

Later, Marawa took over as the host of the Soccerzone football highlights program. Mondays are when Soccerzone is broadcast on SABC1. He also hosts Discovery Sports Centre, which airs on weekdays from 18:00 to 19:00. The SABC radio station Metro FM broadcasts Discovery Sports Center. Robert served as the host of the SABC2 boxing program Blow by Blow. One of the years that Robert had a significant break was 2006 He traveled to Germany to serve as the World Cup host.He also held the People’s Celebration Concern that same year. Later that year, he joined Supersport after leaving SABC TV. But he continued hosting his show on Metro FM.

Marawas Health

In 2019, the well-known sportscaster Robert Marawa disclosed that he just ended up in ICU after having his third heart attack the week before.An ICU stay of six to seven days was the outcome of the former SuperSport broadcaster driving himself to the hospital after experiencing pain, he stated in 2 minutes and 20-second video posted to his Twitter profile.

“I think everybody knows about my two heart attacks that I’ve had. I’ve had to be admitted and I’ve had to have that checked on a regular basis. And the same thing happened last week,” he began.

“I literally drove myself from home after not feeling well and I said ‘let me go and admit myself’ because there was a pain that was not making any sense. And within a couple of hours, I was in ICU and that’s where I’ve been for the past six or seven days.”

The 49-year-old believes his life was “on the border of life and not living,” despite the fact that he has since been transferred from the intensive care unit to the recovery department. The sportscaster concluded the video by urging viewers to take care of their health by visiting the doctor often and being active. “A health journey is a personal journey. But I’ve always made it public that we need to get our numbers checked,” he explained.

Marawa has previously been admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU). In a May 2019 interview with Radio 2000, shortly after being fired from Super Sport, he described how he had to battle for his life in the ICU after he was supposedly threatened. “I’ve been threatened, I was in ICU in June/July last year. My sister was shattered when she walked in, she saw a corpse. But people don’t know that because I don’t talk about that. The thing is if my life has to end because of a passion and a job that I do then so be it,” he told Phat Joe.

After disclosing his battle with Covid-19, Robert Marawa received an outpouring of sympathy and good wishes from his fans. Because the  host of Marawa Sport Worldwide was off-air for several weeks, frightened viewers worried about his health.

The sportscaster claimed he revealed his condition to aid in spreading awareness and potentially save lives. In a statement on Monday, Marawa disclosed that he had recently been diagnosed with Covid-19 and had spent a week in the intensive care unit. He claimed to be strictly self-isolating and not taking any prescription medication, although pneumonia was immediately identified as his illness.

“On further assessment, I was transferred to the ICU for high care, where I stayed for one week. I was observed in the general ward for a further two days before I was discharged to go home.The medical professionals working tirelessly to revive my health concluded that the extensive level of Covid-19 pneumonia that I had developed could have resulted in a far worse experience had I not sought medical intervention as soon as I did,” he said.

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