11 Unusual Tricks For Car Owners To Know

Yes. You heard right. Many people are aware of how to operate their rides. You might have read your car manual when you bought it, and you know how to operate the AC, radio, wipers, and warning light. You might also be knowing how to change flat tires and add pressure to your vehicle. But do you know how to increase the lifestyle of your car efficiently?  Many people do not recognize the easiest ways that they require to maintain and keep their car in a good shape. The simple and life-changing auto know-how is not found in any car manual. There is a small annoyance on your car that you might encounter from time to time. Some of these simple practices will make you feel confident and will make your life simple. Have you ever thought of them as they are on the following list?

Hot water and a drop for dents

How do you feel when your car has a dent? Do you always contemplate on how to take care of it and you have not concluded yet? This can clear up your worry. Dents are inevitable as long as you are operating on the road. They are common and every person gets them from time to time. It is that simple to fix them up. One of the simplest ways to fix them is by boiling water and pouring it on top of the dent. After, get a plunger and pull it out. If your car is heavily damaged, this may not work. You may need to visit the mechanic. It only works for smaller dents. The explanation behind it is that it will make the dent burst out. It will not be a perfect fix but it is far much less recognizable than before.


If you are having dirty or foggy headlights, visiting an auto store can be painful and time-consuming especially if you are rushing somewhere. You might have something in your house to fix it. That’s toothpaste. Toothpaste has mild abrasives that can clean enamel. It works very well on your car headlights too. Toothpaste will make your headlight clean again if you will not mind some toothpaste and elbow grease. Despite this home remedy, if it has completely discolored to yellow, you might as well think of replacing them.

Opening the keyring

If you want to add some keys to your car keys or you want to remove some, you don’t have to destroy your stiletto nails attempting to fit or remove keys from your clumsy metal keyring. You can easily do this by separating the end pieces with a staple remover and sliding them in or out. It is so straightforward that you might be cursing yourself why you were struggling. You wonder why you had not thought of it before the hustle.

Shower caddy

It is always advisable to plan ahead of time. It is important to have some emergency auto supplies in your trunks, like oil, a funnel, a rag, a flashlight, and a coolant. For you to place all this emergency equipment in place, a shower caddy will sort you out. It will safely keep all those emergency pieces of stuff so they do not slide off all over your trunk whenever you require them. With the shower caddy, nothing in the trunk will get muddy.

Pool noodles

A pool noodle if cut into half and taped to the wall where the door swings open is an easy solution. The scuff marks should be simple to note. There is no need of frequenting the garage door many times that you do not want. You can fit it with bolts and easy command strips. This will make your car and the wall safe.

Trash bin

Small pieces of trash are normally dumped into a car without a second thought. If you are not keen, you might have a bad smell in your car forever, and trying to get rid of it might be futile. To avoid this, get a trash can that will assist you in sorting out your trash. You do not require a new bin from the stores. An old cereal plastic can will serve the purpose. Line the can with a plastic bag so it will be easy to compact the trash and seal the odor.

Tinted plastic sheet

You can reduce the glare with a tinted plastic sheet. You may have forgotten to carry your sunglasses and it getting dark. Going in the west direction can be difficult. The visor might not be able to shield you at the angle of the direction that you are heading to. You can do something simple. You heard me right. Something simple.  A simple plastic sheet will attach to your side window with static electricity and you can charge it if need be. This will ensure that you are shielded from the scorching sun.

Park your car facing east

This might seem untrue. Parking your car facing to the east will lessen frost on your car. It is very easy and reasonable. When a car is parked facing the sun, the rays of the sun will at first defrost your front windshield. If you leave for work when the sun rises, you will never have to wait for the defroster to warm it again.

Increase your key’s range by clinging them to your head

If your keys have a short-range, cling them below your chin and switch the button. The fluids in your head will somehow affect the signal range. It is simple and easy though unbelievable.

Use of coke soda

Clean your wheel with a coke soda. Cola with a mixture of a dishwasher will remove all the road filth and break specks of dust from your rims. This will leave them sparkling. The soda will not make things sticker, but the detergent that you mix with will shield the accumulation.

Use of Pantyhose

A pantyhose can be used as a fan belt in an emergency. Saving some coins is not bad if you have ways of doing so. Instead of calling out for towing services when your fan belt breaks just use the improvised fan. It will assist you to get into the petrol station.

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