Zakes Bantwini Biography

Zakes Bantwini, often known as the King of Dance and recognized for his explosive stage appearance, is a skilled singer, producer, and songwriter with a talent for fusing music from many dance genres. The proverb “no man is an island” is something this platinum-selling musician firmly believes in. He frequently works with like-minded musicians to co-create hit songs, as evidenced by his groundbreaking projects with DJ Black Coffee, a prominent international performer.

His breakthrough track, “Juju,” with its thundering beats and Zakes’ catchy vocals, ignited local and international dance floors, and it was this collaboration with Black Coffee on Love, Light, and Music that propelled him into an immediate international success. Due to the album’s success, he was able to perform on stages across larger Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Where was Zakes Bantwin Born

Zakes, known as “the King of Dance,” is renowned for his sparkling presence. On May 26, 1980, he was born in the KwaMashu F-section of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Is Zakes Bantwini and Black Coffee still friends?

Black Coffee, a well-known DJ, and producer, has clarified the situation and explained why his once-iconic partnership with artist Zakes Bantwini came to an end.

The DJ also gave his rationale for not playing Zakes’ record-breaking smash “Osama.”Black Coffee was one of the people who applauded the song, but later, when he announced that even though it was a smash, he was not going to play it or include it in his set as Mzansi house enthusiasts had urged him to do, things took a turn for the worse. The DJ claimed that while the Zakes and Kasango version was “nice,” the original version was still his favorite. “It is nice but I won’t I still prefer the original,” tweeted the DJ.

Sol then proceeded to ask if Black Coffee and Zakes have a beef.

“Is there any conflict between you and Zakes because ever since the Love, Light & Music and Juju era, which was a HUGE SUCCESS collaboratively, you two have never worked together. Are there any tensions?” tweeted Sol.

Black Coffee responded by saying: “No there’s no conflict, we had our differences and both agreed not to have a working relationship any more.”


Zakes Bantwini Wife

Nandi Mngoma path to fame began when she was very young. She started off by dancing and modeling, and at the age of eight, she was crowned Miss Junior RSA.Nandi Madida began her career in television in 2004 at the age of 15, hosting the SABC2 entertainment program Bling, which focused on movies and music.

After releasing her first single Tonight in 2011, she formally began her musical career. She was signed by Universal Music Group later that year, and in 2012, she released her debut studio album, Nandi, which contributed to her rise to prominence.

Zakes Bantwini’s wife is a successful musician who has appeared in numerous blockbuster movies, including 2020’s Black Is King, and who was nominated for a SAMA Award for outstanding cooperation in 2020.Additionally, she has served as the host of other illustrious occasions, like the 2016 BET A-List and Coke Studio.

Madida children Children

Following the disclosure of photos of his children from a previous relationship with Nandi Madida, Zakes Bantwini became one of the most popular figure. When the news first surfaced online, Mzansi was interested to learn who the mothers of his three children were.

Mzansi questioned whether Zakes fathered his three kids while he was married to Nandi. Before he met Nandi, Zacks fathered all three of his children, and he even told his wife that they were not his biological offspring. After being honest with Nandi, the two got hitched and have been raising Zakes’ kids together ever since.

When Zakes was 14 years old, he had his first child. Zakes claimed that he had his first child while still a teenager in an interview with True Love Magazine. He claimed that everything happened so quickly that he is still in shock about it. By himself, Zakes stated: “I was 14 when l fathered my first son even today, it amazes me how it happened. It’s like I’m still dreaming. My girlfriend was two years older than me, but still, we were all kids. I thank my parents, who stood by me when I needed them the most. My first son is now a grown-up man studying Fashion at the University of Johannesburg”.

Zakes split up with the mother of his first son after having him. He remained alone for some time until meeting another female, who later became pregnant. With his second girlfriend, Zakes attempted to save their relationship, but it failed, and they broke up.

As a single father of two, three years later Zakes met yet another woman and began dating her. Zakes must have a strong reproductive system because he gave the third girl away for marriage. Zakes has a total of three kids from three different mothers.Zakes gave up on relationships after his third one, but then he met Nandi Madida, the love of his life. They have two children, Shaka and Nefertiti, and his connection with Nandi is healthy.

Zakes Bantwini appointment as Head of Sony Music Africa

Zakhele Madida (Zakes Bantwini), a producer and platinum-selling singer, has been given the title of “Executive Head of A&R” at Sony Music Africa. Although it surprised many, Motown Records’ 2012 appointment of R&B singer Ne-yo as their senior VP of A&R turned out to be a smart choice for the business. Bantwini has now been given the opportunity by Sony Music Africa to demonstrate that his talents go beyond the recording studio.

Working creatively to develop and release fresh content from Sony Music Africa’s domestic artist roster under the auspices of a recently developed (soon to be disclosed) label imprint will be Bantwini’s responsibility within the organization.

‘We strongly believe that with us, Zakes will play a major role in further evolving & growing the South African music industry, says Sean Watson (Sony Music Africa CEO).

‘I’m excited to work with Sony Music’s artist roster’ says Zakes, ‘as well as sign & develop new artist careers that matter to our country, continent, and the world. His position was confirmed not long after his new studio album, “The Fake Book and Real Book: My Music Bible,” and live CD, “Upfront With Zakes Bantwini.”Many popular African musicians, such as Joyous Celebration, are signed to Sony.Goldfish, D’Banj, RedSan, Zonke Dikana, House Afrika Records

Zakes accepted to study in Havard

In 2020 Mr. Zakhele Madida, better known on stage as Zakes Bantwini, a multi-award-winning South African house musician, was accepted to the esteemed Harvard University Business School in the United States.Madida enrolled at Harvard to study the business of music, sports, and entertainment. What a fantastic day for me, he remarked, “I’m turning 40, I’m going to Harvard, my Love, Light and Music CD is 10 years old, and I’m creating an international dance label ALL ELECTRONIC MUSIC.”

“Education is crucial, declared Madida. It is essential to the music business because it allows artists to interact with its business components while still providing entertainment” said madida.

He encouraged music students to keep going to school. “Successful musicians are well-known and have a lot of influence. Use your influence as educated artists to elevate the arts as a significant academic field and turn the music business into a product that can be sold globally. As upcoming young artists, you can revolutionize the industry since being educated is just as important as having skill”

Zakes Bantwini rate card

When South African musicians are hired for performances, whether they are domestically or abroad, they make a fortune. This is especially true for established artists like Zakes Bantwini, who has been in the business for more than 15 years. The cost of the Osama hitmaker’s performances in South Africa, the African continent, and elsewhere astonished many fans, even though they are aware that their favorite artists are not cheap.

Zakes charges R250 000 for performances in South Africa, according to Musa Khawula, a controversial and renowned entertainment journalist. In the meantime, he bills $15 000, or R243 363, in Africa. The Clap Your Hands vocalist costs $20,000 across North and South America, Asia, and Europe (R324 572), But that only covers Zakes Bantwini’s performance fee; he also needs a place to stay and transportation. He demands a four-star hotel with one luxury room and three ordinary rooms for his team for accommodations.

The organizers are supposed to reserve one business class ticket and three economy tickets for the flights. He is also very precise regarding airlines, whether they travel domestically or abroad. Not only that, but when traveling on land, he only wants to ride in high-end vehicles. Only the most recent Mercedes-Benz V-class model or two Mercedes-Benz GLE 63 S models are desired by Zakes Bantwini. If neither of those is available, he will take two brand-new Cadillac Escalades or Range Rovers.

The musician is set to drop the mic

The renowned South African musician and producer Zakes Bantwini is getting ready to retire after 15 years in the music business. After the release of his most recent and final album, “Abantu,” the entrepreneur and award-winning artist will retire. The release of Zakes’ last studio album has been officially announced in a press statement from his business, Independent Media Group Africa.“Zakes Bantwini has confirmed his final studio album, titled ”Abantu“, set for release in November”.

His multi-platinum selling album “Ghetto King,” which included singles like “Imali,” “Osama,” and “Girl in the Mirror,” will be followed by this new release. Although the musician has stopped releasing songs, he still appears to be making ripples on the national and worldwide scene. Zakes has received seven SAMA award nominations and has achieved enormous success on a global scale because of his hit song “Osama.”

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