Mpho Popps pops out at Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau

The highly anticipated “Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau” has selected all-around entertainer Mpho Modikoane, nicknamed Mpho Popps, to play the roastmaster. With his abundance of experience, Popps is certain to pump up the heat. Comedy Central Roast is a series of celebrity roast specials that started in America. Khanyi Mbau, a media personality, and actor, will be the subject of the most recent African Comedy Central Roast. Mbau is the first female roastee from Africa.

The reality star considers this to be the ideal culmination of everything she has contributed to the entertainment business over the years. “Who else but me? The first African female to be roasted by Comedy Central was only ever going to be me even your favs could never,” Mbau said.”You’ve said what you said, now say it to my face,” she added.

The 36-year-old informed the media that she was not anticipating seeing any particular panelists but was hoping that Somizi and Pearl Thusi would not attend. “I see no one. Whoever dares to be there, welcome… I know he has had his own but, Somizi, it would be a pity because I know he is pissed off and not talking to me for some odd reason.I wouldn’t like to see Pearl Thusi because she doesn’t take jokes nicely,” she said. The musician has her suspicions about which panelists will make fun of her, naming podcast host MacG.

Mzansi was the last show where Mbau and Popps appeared together. Based on their clever banter, it’s safe to conclude that their upcoming performance will be hilarious for the audience. One of Popps’ professional turning points was being selected to be the roastmaster, he added.

“This is just one of those career milestones that I couldn’t have imagined happening. Khanyi is a legend and an entertainment icon. For me to be the chosen one to throw her onto the flames to be roasted is not only historical but legendary as well. As the roastmaster I say, ‘May the thickest skin win’,” said Popps.

Popps released a brief clip of Mbau and himself relaxing in a bubble bath on Instagram, appearing to go along with Mbau’s threats. “Anything you want Khanyi,” he says, before winking.

He stated clearly in the post, “It’s official, I’m the RoastMaster for the #RoastOfKhanyi. You can trust this Roastmaster to deliver for you on the @comedycentralaf #RoastOfKhanyi @showmaxonline”, even though the queen @mbaureloaded may have instructions.

The two bring all the necessary components for an epic and entertaining roast thanks to Popps’ stinging wit and Mbau’s razor-sharp tongue.

Vice President of Comedy Central Africa Dillon Khan said Popps was familiar with the network and they love working with him.

“He was first introduced to our audiences on Comedy Central Live @ Parkers. He did the opening set for the ‘Roast of Somizi’ and had an amazing performance. So him being the Roastmaster is a natural fit a bit like the chemistry between him and Khanyi that is guaranteed to be electrifying,” said Khan.

Head of content for Showmax Candice Fangueiro says they eagerly anticipate seeing him dance laps around anyone who disobeys the rules. “We’re huge fans of Mpho Popps from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and his work on classics on Showmax like ‘Ayeye’, ‘Thina Sobalili’ and the ‘Roast of Somizi’. All gloves are off as we take Khanyi and the panel straight from the frying pan and into the fire,” she said.

Showmax is sponsoring the Comedy Central Roast of Khanyi Mbau, which will be taped live in July. In August, it will make its debut on Comedy Central (DStv 122) and Showmax.

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Source of News:Times live

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