South Africa’s safest cities

This article will give you information on the safest cities in the Republic of South Africa to relocate into if you’re considering moving to a new city or relocating from your present one this article is a perfect fit for you. Although there is a lot of crime in South Africa, it is not as awful as we imagine. You should think about visiting one of the South African cities that are still considered safe. The highest murder rate and violent crime rate worldwide are both found in South Africa. With a murder rate of 24 per 100,000 people, it is also one of the most dangerous places to live. You can still travel to safe cities in South Africa, nevertheless.

In most South African cities, there are no-go areas similar to those in many other cities throughout the globe, but there are also numerous safe districts to live in. In recent years, moving to South Africa has become a popular option for expats. More foreigners arrived in the nation in 2019 than anywhere else on the African continent, at 4.2 million. But is it safe to reside in South Africa? This is a common question. South Africa, like many other countries with expanding major populations, has some trouble spots, but it also has some attractive locations with very low crime rates.

As with every transformation, there will inevitably be negative effects in South Africa. Safety and security are major issues in South Africa because crime has increased there recently in many regions.The rising unemployment rate that has affected numerous cities is one of the issues. After falling dramatically between 2002 and 2008, South Africa’s unemployment rate has since increased, going from 22.4 to 33.6%. Poverty levels have increased due to rising unemployment and population growth. In 2015, it was estimated that more than 30 million South Africans (55.5 percent of the population) lived in poverty.

As more and more people move from rural areas in search of employment, large cities like Johannesburg, Durban, and Cape Town have all seen an increase in poverty in recent years. With 72.9% of its population living in poverty, the Eastern Cape, which contains the cities of Port Elizabeth and East London, is the poorest region. There are, however, many prosperous and significantly lower-crime places in South Africa. There can be areas in these cities to stay away from. However, they also feature some of the greatest and safest areas in South Africa to reside.

Safest cities in South Africa

Port St. Johns

There are roughly 6,500 people living in the small community of Port St. Johns. The town is found in  Eastern Cape province along the Wild Coast. With only 456 violent crimes per 100,000 residents and 2,800 property crimes per 100,000 residents, the town is regarded as one of the safest locations to live in the entire country of South Africa. Residents claim to feel extremely safe, with the majority of petty offenses occurring infrequently. In most of the nation, home invasions are still a big source of worry, and Port St. Johns is no exception. However, overall, this town’s crime rate is not too high and does not cause the people too much concern.


Kimberly is a city located in the Northern Cape province. The city is well-known for being a center for diamond mining, and “Big Hole,” the largest hand-dug pit, is one of its main draws. The city, which has 230 000 inhabitants, is regarded as one of the safest places to live in South Africa.Between April and June 2021, there were a total of 47 murders and 2515 contact crimes in the city. Six police stations are located in the city, and 91 are located throughout the province. Despite being on the list, the city is currently entirely crime-free. The most prevalent crime patterns in this city include violent crime, property crime, and small-time theft. It is rather safe in comparison to other cities as long as you avoid traveling alone, at night, and by flashing a lot of cash or valuables in front of other people.

JanKemp Dorp

Approximately four hours north of Upington in the Northern Cape province is the town of JanKemps Dorp. In this town, there are about 24,000 people living. It has a more relaxed atmosphere yet is just as prosperous and safe as the city of Upington. This town, which is renowned for its wines and environmental preserves, has a significantly slower pace of life. There are two police stations in the town. Although there is a crime in this town, the most common patterns tend to be farm killings in the rural areas outside of the town and aggravated assault.

Plettenberg Bay

A seaside community in the Eastern Cape called Plettenberg Bay is located along the Garden Route. With only 31,804 inhabitants, the town has a small population and generally low crime rates. Despite occasional incidents of minor crime in the town’s poorer neighborhoods, tourists can travel there without much worry. However, there are some safety considerations that must be followed, like never walking alone at night and avoiding poorly lighted locations.


Another little seaside city, George, is found in the Western Cape and is positioned along the Garden Route. There were 157,391 people living in George as of the year 2020. Although violence has increased in George over the past year, the city is still among the safest in South Africa. From April to June 2021, there were 16 314 contact crimes and 767 murders in the city. There are 5 police stations in George.  George has been chosen as South Africa’s greatest city for a good level of living.


The town of Paarl is located in the Western Cape province and is the third-oldest city as well as a European settlement. The population of this little town is 112,045 people. Due to the Mediterranean climate’s favorable conditions for wine production, this little farming community specializes in it. While there are pockets of crime in low-income regions, there are also areas that have far lower crime rates, hence Paarl has made it onto our list despite this. This town has three police stations, with Paarl East making the top 30 list for the number of recorded offenses in a certain location. Common assault, stealing, property crime, and muggings are the most frequent crimes in low-income regions.

Cape Town

Certain areas of Cape Town have seen an increase in crime recently. It is still the safest major city in South Africa and has some of the most desirable districts. It’s a vibrant, contemporary, and diverse city with some of the nicest landscapes on earth, which attracts both young and old expats. Urban renewal has been extensively funded in the inner city to raise standards of cleanliness and safety. A little further afield, places like the Southern Suburbs and the Atlantic Seaboard provide safety and excellent quality of life. There are some neighborhoods where violent crime is more prevalent than others. especially in the area of the city’s eastern Cape Flats neighborhood.

There are several tourist-friendly areas in Cape Town. The suburbs of the Cape Peninsula, such as Bakoven, Camps Bay, Clifton, and Fresnaye, are generally safe areas to stay in a luxury apartment or beach home. According to crime statistics, robberies do occur even though Cape Town Central is significantly safer than any township region. The same holds true for theft from motor vehicles as it does for theft of motorbikes and cars. This is due, in part, to the high population density. Another is the culture of the nightlife, which hides criminals. Cape Town’s township regions are nearly entirely where violent crimes are committed. Make sure you do not unintentionally land at the incorrect location. Generally speaking, we advise you to become familiar with the layout of the city on Google Maps and stay well clear of the townships near Cape Town.

The Garden Route

Because so many tourists want to travel along the Garden Route, it is fairly safe. If you’re traveling the Garden Route, you can take certain safety measures. You may wish to avoid strolling on side streets at night or being by yourself in a city or on a large lake. Gardens have been blamed for nighttime parking issues. It is true that Gardens, despite their size, are relatively tiny in comparison to other areas. The homes and gardens in this section of Table Mountain, which lies on its slope, have several steep climbing trails that take you back to Long Street at all hours of the day and night.

Unquestionably, South Africa’s Garden Route is among the best places to stay. Anyone coming won’t feel like they missed out because there is so much to do, see, and eat here. But not everyone will think it’s the finest destination. One of the gems of the country is this breathtaking region that runs between the Eastern and Western Capes. It is also among the best places in South Africa to reside. From Mossel Bay to Storms River, the Garden Route district’s 200 km coastline can be found. The Garden Route is quite well-liked among tourists, but it also has a lot to offer for long-term residents.

Many of the villages along the Garden Route are among the safest in the area, in addition to the leisurely yet fascinating way of life. There are several gated estates that provide both excellent security measures and breathtaking vistas. One of the top golfing destinations in South Africa is the town of Knysna. Tsitsikamma, meanwhile, offers a variety of scenic attractions, such as sandy beaches, steep crags, and lush woods.

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